According to the pages of the various metal media, the labels "LEGENDARY," "INNOVATIVE," "TRUE ORIGINALS," as well as "LUNATICS!” have been rightfully pinned upon RAVEN over the years. In a music scene filled by clones nurtured with a cookie-cutter mentality, the unique personality, power and humor of the three band members has always shone through. The crazed vocals & bass playing of John Gallagher, the full frontal guitar assault of brother, Mark Gallagher, and the punishing polyrhythmic pounding of drummer, Joe Hasselvander, all combine to form a sonic battering ram unique in rock!

From the well documented early days as NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) frontrunners, RAVEN’s albums ROCK UNTIL YOU DROP, WIPED OUT and ALL FOR ONE virtually invented both the speed metal and power metal genres - during the trailblazing USA tours of the 80's introducing the States to “Athletic rock” as well as giving opening acts like Metallica and Anthrax their first tours, through the doldrums of the late 80's/early 90's when a grunge obsessed media wrote off so many acts - RAVEN has consistently proved to be both survivors par excellence and in a genre of grim imitation - shown that they are "the real thing". Where so many of their contemporaries have either faded creatively or become parodies of themselves, RAVEN have consistently pushed the envelope while retaining their unique sound and attack – both in the studio & in their true element, onstage!

Following a forced layoff through half of the last decade due to Mark Gallagher’s long recuperation from a serious accident where Mark’s legs were crushed after a wall collapsed on the musician, the band have fought back with a number of European festival appearances, a UK tour in 2008 and a triumphant jaunt to Japan in 2009.

In 2010, the band unleashed the best album they’ve done in many years, “Walk Through Fire” – quite simply, was the real deal – the right songs, the right sound and the right feel – that was guaranteed to rip yer head off!

Raven are here to finally set to reclaim the title that is rightfully theirs – “the wildest band in the fuckin’ world!”

M:pire of Evil

'You now hold the key to the eighth gate. Beware within – for it's your fate!'

In 1979 a dark formation occurred, a black ripple that would soon become a wave: one which made a huge impact on the metal world. Taking the name of Mantas, the legendary guitarist Jeff Dunn formed an outfit that rivalled the stage shows of bands such as Kiss and challenged the occult themes that Black Sabbath had pione...ered. He took the knife edge that had made Judas Priest dangerous and the volume that had made Motörhead so intense, and rolled it into a big, black dirtball called Venom.

With renewed hunger and inspiration, Mantas joined up with the Demolition Man, bassist/vocalist Tony Dolan, in 1988. The duo penned Prime Evil, an album hailed as a return to form with its cleaner sound and the mighty vocal attack of Dolan. After Demolition Man's exit in 1992, drummer Antton (Antony Lant) took up the sticks for the powerful Resurrection album, after which Mantas departed from Venom.

In 2010 Mantas's work with his own band, Dryll, seemed to be paying dividends, and following his drummer's departure, Antton – who played in his own outfit, Def Con One – joined Dryll. It didn't take long before the mutterings began. What if Mantas and Antton could coax The Demolition Man back? The call went out – and in came Dolan once more...

The trio decided that they needed to produce something befitting of their musical prowess. Something unashamedly heavy and without restraint; free of ego, deception and unreasonable behaviour – and fulfilling for them as musicians.

The band's die-hard fans were left to chose a name for the new group, as it was they who had pushed for the new group to form. Naturally, in hindsight, Prime Evil was the name they chose – and so the band were free to make the music that they had always wanted to make, without pretending that it was 1982 all over again. After announcing themselves to the world the band were asked to reconsider the chosen name out of respect for another act who had named themselves after the self same Venom album title. Without hesitation and with understanding and the respect to be expected by this honorable trio, they changed their name…….and so to the future…….

This is M-PIRE of EVIL. This is Mantas, JXN and the Demolition Man. This is 2013.

Hell is coming to the holy.


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Raven, M:pire of Evil

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