Stable Hands is a band as distinct as it is absolutely compelling. This Six-piece roots band with artistic, geographic, and spiritual roots in the rich and expansive Central Valley of California, offers what only the most polished song and wordsmiths ever really understand and only few among them ever actually master. Stable Hands consistently
delivers, gift wrapped in finely crafted songs and authentic intimations, a familiar part of ourselves – a part of ourselves we welcome like an old friend. The band accomplishes such a monumental feat, firstly, through an uncanny ability to relate to and convey the qualities that make us all human. Secondly, and perhaps, most evident at first pass, Stable Hands is comprised of a collection of top-shelf musicians as connected to their instruments as they are to themselves. The interplay of musical thought processes on display in Stable Hands' collection of work is like a dance in its grace, yet like a storm in its intensity. With memorable, bouncing dobro lines that etch their way into listeners' brains like a branding iron; the fluid – yet fragmented – banjo that hangs a backdrop of both unease and that unmistakable feeling of 'home'; steady and reliable bass lines providing the pathway between finely crafted musical moments; and a vocal delivery that shoves everything else out of listeners' minds as if nothing in the world could be more important than what is happening right now; Stables Hands has all the goods.
In the jarring track, "The Struggle for Little Bear" the band's deep vulnerability is on display. Stable Hands serves a tall helping of loss and love, convincing us it's ours to bear and to share. The entire EP screams power, empathy, and accessibility. Taken from the band's highly regarded performance at the legendary Hanford Fox Theatre, these recordings will put listeners in the room with one of the emerging bands of modern Americana. Stable Hands is currently performing aggressively across the West Coast.

James Cavern, a native Englishman from the city of London currently residing in Sacramento, CA picked up the guitar in about 2005 and has been writing music since collaborating with as many musicians as possible. This has resulted in Mr. Cavern dipping into genres such as Hip/Hop, RnB/Soul, folk rock and reggae to name a few.

"Music is one of the most influential forms of communication... No matter where you are in this big ol' world... people will always appreciate a good song or two."
You are the music!


Justin Farren

Justin Farren is an acclaimed yet unassuming singer songwriter from Sacramento California where he lives in a house that he literally built with his own two hands, about which he says, "it's like living in a museum of my own mistakes".

When it comes to his songs, Justin Farren is nothing short of a master craftsman. With a humble and humorous perspective, Justin paints lyrical pictures that are firmly rooted in the reality of day to day life, often expressing his own doubts and experiences. His songs are real, thoughtful, undeniable, fun and often compared to those of Dan Bern, Greg Brown, Paul Simon, and Jack Johnson. His guitar playing is lively, intricate, and seemingly boundless. The Sacramento New & Review describes him as "The storyteller with an impeccable voice, a guitar and a head full of funny, tender and engaging observation".

Justin has played numerous shows on California's west coast and has been honored to open for national artists including Bret Dennen, Hot Buttered Rum, Matt Costa, Jackie Greene, Bhi Bhiman and Amber Rubarth. He was voted "Best Lyricist" in 2010 by Sacramento Magazine and and "Best Musician" in 2009 and 2010 by the Sacramento News and Review. Justin's song "Midnight at The Fair" was voted the "2012 SONG OF THE YEAR" at The West Coast Songwriters, Berkeley Chapter Playoffs. He'll be heading back to the Freight & Salvage to participate in the state-wide GRAND PLAYOFF event this August Justin recently wrapped up a spring tour which included shows in Sacramento, Carson City, Petaluma, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Ana and Stockton. He will continue to perform regionally through the fall.

Michael Tobias & the Acidic Swamp Band

This dynamic power trio featuring vocal/guitar, drums, & bass combine boatloads of combustible raw
talent into an explosive fusion of real Americana – blues, jazz, psychedelic rock, and funk.

A live performance from Michael Tobias & the Acidic Swamp Band is a cruise through unchartered waters, often breaking
songs out of their molds in controlled chaos of exploration and evolution. It takes about 90 seconds of seeing singer/guitarist
Michael Tobias, drummer Zack Kampf & bassists Andrew Barnhart play to realize the resounding scope of their skill.
Strumming with the hands of surgeons on amphetamines, Tobias plays his custom metal-bodied-electric slide guitar at a pace
that would leave a humming bird dizzy.
Michael Tobias is a Georgia-born guitarist, singer and multi-instrumentalist. The residue of his Southern upbringing seeps
heavily into his deep fried Americana wiles and blues-forged soul, as he pens honest and country-grown lyrical tales that serve
as a bridge to his labyrinth of instrumental day tripping. Very similar to one Dave Mathews, Tobias will lay out a few verses of
song almost as an appetizer to feasts of calculated mayhem with the axe. As fans throughout the region can attest, his terrific
energy and charisma leap off the stage; the uplifting, positive drive he brings to live performance is contagious.
The Acidic Swamp Band is currently performing shows throughout Northern California in support of Tobias' aptly-titled debut
album "High & Low". The album took nearly three years to complete, forged out of good times, heartaches, a box of two-dozen
master cassette tapes, a throwback 4 track recorder, some flying sparks of creative ingenuity and plenty of highs & lows.
The path of love, loss and life that led to Tobias' first full-length release is as intriguing to sort out as the kaleidoscopic array of
musical & cultural influences that make up this diverse singer and multi-instrumentalist. But the much anticipated result is
perfectly indicative of his approach to making music: Richly textured, poignantly crafted, distinctly flavored, emotionally
combustive and just wild enough to launch his listeners on a twisting fan boat ride through his own personal sonic swamp. A
hodgepodge of blues folk, classic-flavored rock, bluegrass, roots music and Southern grit, the 13 song "High & Low" was finally
ready for its public debut in the fall of 2010.
Tobias credits engineer Justin Phelps of Portland, Oregon as "The Guru" of the album for his help bringing it from a travelworn box of analog tapes to the polished album it is today. Phelps has engineered over 200 albums with the likes of Cake, the
Neville Brothers, Dead Kennedy's, Mars Volta, and Joe Satriani. The album also features engineering work by Jaimeson Durr
of San Francisco's legendary Hyde Street Studios where such names as Credence Clearwater Revival, the Grateful Dead,
Santana, and Jefferson Airplane all recorded.
The unbridled diversity behind Tobias' music can easily be traced back to his melting pot roots, with bloodlines from Hungary,
Poland, the American steel workers of Pittsburg, to a great-great-great Grandfather who fought in the American Civil War, a
great Grandmother who was a Romani gypsy princess, a Grandfather who played slide trombone in the times of the Great
Depression, a mother who was taught to play classical piano at Catholic school under threat of being struck on the hands with
a ruler, and a father who was a hairstylist who owned two salons that were known to be ethnically sundry hangouts.
Growing up in Georgia provided Tobias with ample opportunities to experience first hand one of the region's great musical
traditions: The Blues. In Atlanta you can still find joints like Fat Matt's Rib Shack, where on any given night of the week, you'll
hear smokin'hot guitar slingers & blues singers. As soon as Tobias could drive, he would head out to those blues hot spots
where a minor could get in. Spellbound, he would watch & listen, soaking it all in. At age thirteen, the first instrument Tobias
ever bought with money made while mowing lawns was a vintage red Gibson ES 335, just like Chuck Berry's. The second,
purchased with money earned while flipping burgers at Johnny Rockets, was a Fender Deluxe Reverb amplifier, the kind
Stevie Ray Vaughn used to plug into. Both pieces remain central to his performance today. To check out the Acidic Swamp
Band's new studio recordings, watch live performance video, and for more information on upcoming gigs visit:
*Parts of this press release were compiled from reviews and articles written by Aaron Davis,
Sacramento Concerts Examiner, from July 2009 – February 2011.

Mark Sexton Band

Since 2006, The Mark Sexton Band has led the way in further innovating the sound of Soul & Reggae. The depth and body of the groups work stems from their deep understanding of music and the message that it bears. The Mark Sexton Band flexes a significant message in their music: pure emotion and love. This group takes pride in the production of their sound leaving no room for artificial feeling or contrived songwriting. After hearing "Listen Out", it's clear The Mark Sexton Band doesn't think twice when it comes to writing from the heart. Ignoring short-lived musical trends, the sounds from this group move on to see something more meaningful. Three full tours across the entire West Coast spoke volumes about the bands musicianship and dedication to spreading their music and message. The success from their travels let the music speak for itself to all who witnessed their performances. Seeing albums find new homes at every show has pushed this dynamic group to new heights. With the bands potential hardly even tapped, this is truly a group you do not want to lose sight of.

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