Somehow, Sevendust grows stronger with each successive album. Their personal bond not only strengthens, but the music tends to get tougher and tighter as well. Their ninth full-length offering, Black Out the Sun [7 Bros./ADA-Music], staunchly upholds that tradition. They don't stray from the bruising hallmarks of their patented style, but they also don't stick to a script either. They deliver what their diehard fan base has loved since day one, but they continue to challenge themselves in the process. As a result, Black Out the Sun sees Sevendust at their most uncompromising, unwavering, and undeniable.

For the first time since their formation, the quintet took a much-needed break right after touring for almost two years behind 2010's Cold Day Memory. The record served as a milestone for a few reasons. It welcomed founding guitarist Lowery back into the fold after a 6-year absence and yielded the band's highest first-week debut ever on the Billboard Top 200, reaching number twelve on the chart. After the roller coaster tour cycle, the group enjoyed a real "vacation". Lowery and Rose joined forces for Call Me No One, dropping their debut The Last Parade, and Connolly and Hornsby formed Projected and released Human. However, by the summer of 2012, everyone began chomping at the bit to return to Sevendust.

After a year and a half on the road touring 2010's Feeding The Wolves, 10 Years reached a turning point. It was time to move forward and take full control of their career by launching their own label, Palehorse Records. In addition, the band decided to self-produce their fourth album, Minus the Machine, at drummer/guitarist Brian Vodinh's Kashmir Recording.

Splitting up with a major label after
five years was "a very scary step to take," Hasek admits. "It's like breaking up with a longtime girlfriend. You're used to the motions, but when it becomes stale and unhappy, you need to move on and get energy back into your life. There was no anger on either side. We just painlessly parted ways."

Working together as a band for the first time since writing the Gold-selling album The Autumn Effect helped 10 Years go back to their roots, without label-enforced pressure to create a radio-friendly "hit," and free to experiment with the hard rock sounds that lie at the core of their music. "Our true fans who buy the albums, not just the singles, understand that our singles, for the most part, misrepresent the entire album," says Hasek. "As a band, we like to explore more and go a little left of center with song structures. We wanted to create an album that has no boundaries, and where we didn't have to make every song 'three minutes and 30 seconds' for a label to approve it. There's a fine line with that, of course, and we're very aware of it. We all grew up on rock music, and as many albums as we've written, the way we've written them, it's ingrained in us to work within a time frame that fits radio. There are definitely songs that work well for that, but as a whole, we wanted this album to represent a journey in a sense."

This chapter of 10 Years began in 2001, when Hasek took over as vocalist. Three years later they released their independent album, Killing All That Holds You, featuring the groundbreaking single "Wasteland," which led to their signing with Universal Records. "That song was created in 2001 or 2002," says Hasek. "We weren't seeking to write a smash single. We were just writing music." The Autumn Effect (2005) led to widespread radio and video play, a fiercely loyal fan base, and tours with heavyweights like Linkin Park, Korn and the Deftones. When their sophomore effort, Division, was released in 2008, 10 Years had cemented their place as one of hard rock's top contenders and most sought-after live bands. Still, says Hasek, despite the success, "it all came to a head" with the band's 3rd major label release, Feeding The Wolves. "When you feel like you're being told to go through motions and jump through hoops, it takes the heart out of it," he says. "We know that we need a hit and we understand that it's important. However, as musicians, we're not a band that says, 'We're going to make a hit.' It's better to do what comes naturally and then figure out the after-effect."

With that in mind, 10 Years created their most powerful songs to date for Minus The Machine, with Hasek again relying on personal experiences for his lyrics. [Insert something about the songs here; reference titles and content.] "Everyone asks about my inspiration for lyrics, and the best thing I can give them is a very generic answer: life," he says. "Life is the experience — it's everything you go through: the ups, the downs. I tend to gravitate more toward the therapy method. I'm not great at writing happy pop songs. So, I usually get the negative emotions out through music. As a person, I'm very happy and thankful for my life, but when it comes to lyrics, it's therapy for me."

One thing that won't change is 10 Years' connection with their fans. With the release of Minus The Machine, the band is looking forward to hitting the road, performing in close contact with their dedicated audience. "After the last touring cycle, we realized where we should strive to be, and that's to be totally fine in the club environment," says Hasek. "We don't plan to chase after arena rock or amphitheaters. If things like that happen, then so be it, but we live and die by the loyalty of the club audiences. Our fans are loyal. They travel with us, and they want us to be loyal to ourselves. That's what keeps them coming back. What we tried to do on this album is really give them what they want and what they need because they've been so good to us through the ups and downs of our career."

"First and foremost, when it's all said and done, we're proud of this album in its entirety," he says. "That speaks volumes to us because we're our own worst critics. We pick everything apart. An album is your child, it's your baby, and you know it better than anyone. To sit back and be 100 percent proud of what we've accomplished is so gratifying, and we think everything else will fall into place. We hope that everyone will enjoy what we've tried to do."

Adam Gontier

Adam Gontier is the former lead singer, rhythm guitarist, founder, and main songwriter of the rock band Three Days Grace. He's excited to make his Virginia debut at the Virginia Chili Cook Off with his new solo band. They'll be performing all of the Three Days Grace hits and all of his new material and solo numbers with bands like Apocalyptica.

Trapt have worked for well over a decade to reach this point. Their 2002 self-titled debut surpassed sales of 2 million units, and its lead-off single “Headstrong” was ranked the #1 alternative song and #8 rock song by Billboard. They were a featured act on Rock Band and Tap Tap Revenge 2, and they also fueled countless WWE specials. In addition, they’ve shared the stage with heavy hitters such as Mötley Crüe, Nickelback, Hinder, Chevelle, and many more. Most recently, No Apologies entered the Billboard Top 200 at number 25 in 2010.

Still, Reborn is the next level for Trapt. Brown concludes, “Everything is new again. It’s an incredible feeling. Our fans have stuck with us since the beginning, and we really made a record for them. If the music makes them feel empowered and ready to take on their challenges, then we’ve done something right. I hope it inspires confidence and pushes them to stand up against fear or judgment. We’re proof that you should never give up.”

Trapt is currently in the studio recording their 6th album DNA and have released a song from the album called “Passenger” that embodies the more progressive side of TRAPT’s brand of hard rock as an intro to what fans can expect from the album. The band is also gearing for their summer tour dubbed the “Life In Your Own Hands” Tour. The new album DNA is shaping up to be a landmark album for TRAPT. It surpasses anything the band has done before and subsequent singles will show the true power that this band possesses. Get ready for DNA, it’s going to change everything.

Saliva was founded in 1996 in Memphis, TN. They released their self-titled album on August 26, 1997 under Rocking Chair Records. It sold over 10,000 copies within their region, prompting Island Records to take notice and sign the band. Their second album Every Six Seconds (2001) featured the chart-topping hits "Your Disease" and "Click Click Boom" that were featured in The Fast and The Furious, Talladega Nights and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003. Saliva received a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2002 and the album was certified Platinum by the RIAA. Their follow-up,Back Into Your System, contained the crossover-hit single "Always" which reached #51 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Modern Rock chart. The album has since been certified gold by the RIAA. Survival of the Sickest and Blood Stained Love Story (which contained rock anthem "Ladies and Gentlemen") followed as Saliva's third and fourth albums; reaching #20 and #19 on The Billboard 200 chart. Cinco Diablo and Under Your Skin are their two most recent releases.

Saliva's current lineup includes original members Dave Novotny (bass), Paul Crosby (drums), and Wayne Swinny (guitar). Bobby Amaru joined Saliva in 2012 as their new vocalist. Amaru hails from Jacksonville FL, where he has been a prominent vocalist/musician/producer/songwriter for the past decade. He was the frontman of his solo band, Amaru, in addition to the drummer for Burn Season, who were signed to Elektra Records in 2001. In February 2012, Saliva released their first single "All Around The World" featuring their new singer. Their talent and raw energy makes for an explosive combination, which is reflected by the band's live show - what Saliva refers to as their "secret weapon". Catch them live and see for yourself...!

Dope is an American nu metal band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1997 in New York City, New York.

The band received some level of success in the late 1990s and early 2000s. To date, the band has released five full-length studio albums, their most recent being No Regrets which was released on March 10th, 2009.


Studio albums

* 1999: Felons & Revolutionaries
* 2001: Life
* 2003: Group Therapy
* 2005: American Apathy
* 2009: No Regrets


* 2002: Felons for Life


* 1999: "Debonaire"
* 2000: "Everything Sucks"
* 2000: "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)"
* 2001: "Now or Never"
* 2002: "Slipping Away"
* 2003: "I Am"
* 2005: "Always"
* 2005: "Survive"
* 2006: "People Are People"
* 2008: "Violence"
* 2009: "Addiction"
* 2009: "6-6-Sick"

The band was founded by song writer and lead singer Edsel Dope in 1997. As a child Edsel and his brother, Simon Dope, were separated when their parents divorced. When the two were adults, they reunited and Simon joined Edsel's band, playing keyboards. The pair then recruited Tripp Eisen as bassist, Preston Nash as drummer, and Sloane Jentry as guitarist.

Unlike many of the popular bands from the 1990s, Dope derived their sound from influences taken from hard rock bands and fused that with the sound of Industrial rock acts which had made waves earlier in the decade, such as Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, as well as Industrial music act Skinny Puppy.

In their earliest days, the band sold drugs to survive and purchase instruments Furthermore, the name "Dope" refers to drugs and drug culture, as shown by their early T-shirt designs which prominently displayed hypodermic needles, it as well refers to Edsel and Simon's last name.

The band also had some early connections with fellow Industrial rockers Marilyn Manson; drummer Ginger Fish shared an apartment with Edsel Dope in Las Vegas during the earlier 1990s, before either of them were in their respective bands. Also guitarist Zim Zum allowed the band to claim that they were "currently being produced by Zim Zum" on the cover of their promotional discs to help them gain a record deal. It was originally planned that Zum would produce their debut, however he was busy recording the album Mechanical Animals at the time. Lead singer, Edsel, has obtained a good friendship with ex-Manson guitarist Daisy Berkowitz.

- Felons & Revolutionaries -

Felons & Revolutionaries was created after performing onto the New York City club circuit, and releasing several promotional cassettes the band was signed by Epic Records. For the album's recording Sloane Jentry had left the band and Tripp Eisen moved to guitar, Acey Slade was brought in on bass. The album featured fourteen tracks including two covers, which were; "Fuck tha Police" by N.W.A. and "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by English new wave band Dead or Alive, which featured in the movie American Psycho. Debonaire was also featured on the Scream 3 movie soundtrack and the first The Fast and the Furious movie during the raid on the house scene.

Dope put everything into touring in support of the album, taking part in several national tours with various acts ranging from Alice Cooper to Kid Rock. This helped "Felons and Revolutionaries" SoundScan more than 250,000 units in total.

A live video for the song "Sick" was recorded to capture the energy of the group's live show. The first single and non-live promotional video released by the band from the album was Everything Sucks, which failed to chart. The second single -- a cover of You Spin Me Round -- saw the band gaining more attention; it received radio play and reached #37 on the US Mainstream Rock charts.

- Life -

After the relative success of their debut album, Dope decided to record a follow up entitled Life. Several band changes had taken place once more; Tripp Eisen left the group to join Industrial metal band Static-X. Acey Slade was moved up to the position of guitar, while Sloane Jentry (who had remained friends with the band) rejoined this time on bass. On drums Preston Nash was also replaced by Racci "Sketchy" Shay.

The two singles from Life; Now or Never and Slipping Away reached #28 and #29 on the Mainstream Rock charts respectively. The album itself reached #180 on the Billboard charts and #6 on the Top Heatseekers, which up until that point was the band's highest charting. After the album's release, Simon Dope left the group to pursue a career as a video game producer.

Debonaire from the first album was used in the movie The Fast and the Furious. More soundtrack work was done by Dope in 2002, as the band recorded WWE chairman Vince McMahon's theme song "No Chance (In Hell)" for the WWE Forceable Entry audio release. Previously Dope's music had been used as the background theme in ECW, also Rhino used their song "Debonaire", as his entrance theme.

Around this period, Edsel Dope also had a public rivalry with the band Murderdolls (particularly vocalist Wednesday 13). An early version of that group had featured Racci Shay on drums; and under the name Murderdolls, it featured Tripp Eisen. Dope guitarist Acey Slade then left the band to join Murderdolls in mid-2002.

- Group Therapy and American Apathy -

Disappointed with the label's perceived lack of promotion for the album, the band left Epic and joined Artemis Records, a New York independent record label. Rhythm Guitarist Virus, would now act as Lead Guitar in Slade's departure, he would contribute to the songwriting significantly.

Dope's third studio album was titled Group Therapy, it was innovative in that it also featured a video for each song; meaning in total those who purchased the album received thirteen audio songs and videos. One song from that album, Today is the Day served as the official theme song for WWE's pay-per-view event No Mercy in October 2003. The songs Falling Away, Bitch, Motivation, Burn, and So Low were featured in the video game; MTX Mototrax, in both full and instrumental versions.
American Apathy-era Dope: Racci Shay, Virus, Edsel Dope and Brix Milner

By 2005 Dope had regrouped once more, the band had a new bassist; Brix Milner. For their new album entitled "American Apathy", the band returned to a harder sound similar in some respects to their debut, in an Industrial metal style. Amongst the 14 tracks present was a cover of Depeche Mode's People Are People.

Although released eight years after the band formed, four albums in and on an independent label, American Apathy performed well in the charts. It was a #1 hit on the Top Heatseekers chart, for the first time in the band's history and it also saw the band's highest charting on the Billboard chart to date.

Ironically, Ben Graves of the Murderdolls joined Dope as the live drummer on a tour of Japan. In fact that wasn't the only inter-group mixing between the two bands; in 2006 Brix Milner filled in for the injured Kid Kid on bass, in Murderdolls front man Wednesday 13's solo band.

Edsel Dope and Virus became involved in an Alternative pop rock side-project with Edsel playing drums, called Makeshift Romeo. This also saw Edsel removing his dreadlocks which he had worn all throughout his time with Dope.

- Current and future events -

Dope has finished their spring tour of the United States, the tour, which took place over two months, included 22 dates. Tripp Lee played live on bass with the band (although Brix is still listed, and seems doubtful that he will return) and a new drummer named Angel, formerly of Pig and The Genitorturers has joined.

The band are currently working on their fifth album, entitled No Regrets. The band also recently recorded audio and video during a number of performances on tour that they are putting on the DVD portion of the new album. According to Metal Underground, No Regrets has been pushed back, with no set date.

It was announced on October 15, 2008 that the first single from No Regrets is called "Violence". The song is currently available to listen on the band's MySpace. There will be a music video, for "Violence", according the image the band set for album art. One of the tracks for the album was released in late 2007 in the game, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Guitar Hero III includes a song by Dope called "Nothing for Me Here" on the bonus list and mentions that it will be on the band's upcoming album.

In concert, Dope has stated that their new album is finished, but they need to make sure they "will get paid for it before releasing it".[cite this quote]

On July 29, 2008, Dope released American Apathy Reloaded—a CD of remixes and alternate versions of songs from American Apathy, plus a live DVD.

Virus, the lead guitarist, has a job at the Paul Green School of Rock, Fort Washington as a guitar/bass teacher. He gives Lessons to kids 8-18 on how to play well and get to where he is.

Virus has begun to produce up-and-coming bands, as well.

Nothing can stop Nonpoint.

The band continues to deliver unique, uncompromising, and undeniable hard rock on its self-titled ninth studio album and first for Razor & Tie. Weathering lineup changes, label shifts, and other trials and tribulations, founding members Elias Soriano [vocals] and Robb Rivera [drums] regrouped with fresh blood—Dave Lizzio [guitar], Adam Wolosyzn [bass], and Rasheed Thomas [guitar]—and captured pure fire this time around. Now, you might just get burned if you're in their way…

In the spring of 2011, Nonpoint experienced something of a rebirth. After touring heavily behind Miracle, they underwent a creative overhaul with the addition of Lizzio, Wolosyzn, and Thomas. At the same time, Rivera stresses that preserving the outfit's initial integrity proved paramount to songwriting.

"Basically, we wanted to go back to where we came from," he affirms. "Take our first four albums, throw them in a blender, and this is what you get. Elias wrote some of his deepest lyrics and spit rage in the booth. When it came to the guitars, Dave and Rasheed brought in genuine technical talent. It's old school with some new flavors."

Soriano adds, "We wanted this record to be a punch in the face. Dealing with lawyers and losing members, the last year was obviously very difficult. I also had just become a father around the same time. There was a lot of stuff I wanted to artistically vent about."

In order to transfer that energy to tape, they enlisted the talents of Grammy Award-nominated producer Johnny K [Disturbed, Staind, Megadeth] for the first time. They holed up in his Groovemaster Recording Studios in February 2012 and emerged with 12 of the most raw and real songs of their 15-year career. Johnny pushed them to expand their patented sound, while simultaneously sticking to their guns.

"He challenged each of us instrumentally," Rivera elaborates. "He brought out anger and angst that we haven't felt in a long time. We're known as a live act, and he paid attention to that fact. We built this on the road. This record sounds like war coming out of the speakers."

The first single "Left For You" slides from an intense riff into a hypnotic verse punctuated by an infectious chorus. Produced and mixed by Brian Virtue [30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle] in Nashville, it's immediately explosive. Lyrically, the singer doesn't hold anything back either.

"It's about that moment where being discreet or cordial gets thrown out the window," he reveals. "You realize you're fighting for a relationship—whether it's romantic, business, or social—that you don't really want anymore. You say fuck it and never revisit that friendship again."

Nonpoint opened up the floodgates to the album by unleashing one of its heaviest tracks, "I Said It," as a free download their Facebook page in the summer of 2012. The fans responded with overwhelming enthusiasm, welcoming the onslaught. Showcasing dynamic vocal delivery and a groove-driven stomp, it's perfect for the pit.

"We set the DNA of the record with that song," the vocalist smiles. "It's very aggressive and in-your-face. You can think of it as 'Bullet with a Name 2012'. It's a good old fashioned Nonpoint song you can bang in the gym." As a whole, the album feels like a declaration for the band. They've never given up, and it's not even an option. This is who they are, and they're making music which reflects their spirit.

"It's a fresh start for us," Soriano states. "We felt like having a self-titled record says it all. We hit the reset button, and there's life again. You can hear it musically. We're not going anywhere."

In addition, they remain one of the most consistent and incendiary live acts on the scene. Having shared the stage with everyone from Sevendust and Stone Sour to Papa Roach and Buckcherry as well as appearing at festivals such as OZZfest and the UK's Download, each performance stands out as an experience their fan base fervently follows.

The quintet also inked a deal with Razor & Tie in 2011, setting the stage for this next phase. "It was the most natural thing," says Rivera. "They have an incredible team, and they sought us out. We're experienced to begin this chapter together."

Over the course of their nine previous releases, Nonpoint sold over 750,000 albums in North America alone. In addition to fan favorites like "What a Day" and "Circles", their biggest radio hit to date "Bullet With a Name" reached #22 on the Mainstream Rock Charts and was featured in the hit video game WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 as well as the 2007 film The Condemned. Meanwhile, their cover of Phil Collins's "In the Air Tonight" was the theme song for the film Miami Vice and hit the Mainstream Rock Charts.

At the end of the day, Rivera wants to give back via the music. "We try to help people through our art," he exclaims. "So many kids have connected to our songs over the years, and they've supported us unconditionally. We fought through so much, and we never gave up. I hope they get a positive message from this album."

Soriano concludes, "It doesn't feel like we have some kind of goal. It feels like we have a purpose, which is to put out hopeful music. When this process started, a fuse got lit. We're not stopping until it all burns." Their flame will only rise higher.

Elias Soriano - Vocals
Robb Rivera - Drums
Dave Lizzio - Guitar
Adam Wolosyzn - Bass
Rasheed Thomas - Guitar

The secret to SOiL's fertile make-up is contained in "Inside."
Clawing to the surface of the cut's cement-mixer rhythm, Ryan McCombs' hell-hound bellow locks into step with the stuttering stun-guitar riff. "Everything that stains me breaks me," he barks with drill-sergeant fury. "Everything that breaks me stains me." He then cuts free of his bandmates' imposing march and sears SOiL's M.O. straight into SCARS's napalm heart.

"It's just a gut reaction trapped in this aggressive action."
In a mere ten words, Ryan neatly summarizes why hard-rock fans will carry SCARS with them for years. The same economy, intensity and honesty informs every note and syllable of the Chicago-based quintet's J Records debut--from the break-out single "Halo" to the epic album closer "Black 7."
For Ryan, bassist Tim King, drummer Tom Schofield, and guitarists Adam Zadel and Shaun Glass, the album's focused aggression is just a by-product of their indefinable chemistry. That force was initially conjured when King discovered Indiana native McCombs--the elusive element in an otherwise complete band--on a compilation disc.

"As soon as I heard Ryan's voice, I knew," recalls Tim. "I immediately told the other guys, 'I've found our singer. I don't care what we have to do to get him--this is the right guy.' Luckily, Ryan called me back and he was really into the songs we'd written. And when the five of us got together, it all just happened: SOiL was born. It came together so fast and easy, it was almost magical."

Despite SOiL's gentle birth in the late '90s, struggle and sacrifice were part of the subsequent equation. After generating a regional fanbase through gigging and guerilla marketing, they signed with an independent label--which folded days after releasing the band's now-coveted debut, Throttle Junkies.

The setback only fueled SOiL's resolve, even though Ryan was living in the band's rehearsal space by then. "I never doubted we'd get to the point we're at now," maintains Shaun. "I think the struggles we went through made us write better songs, and gave us greater determination."

Fittingly, "Halo" was among the first--and most effortlessly written--songs to emerge during the group's new beginning. "I will stone you, stone you, wrap my arms around you, my little halo," Ryan howls in the unforgettable chorus, before testifying "my hands are scarred with time." Though the band likes to leave lyrical interpretation open to the listener, Ryan acknowledges the irony of the song's inspiration. "I finally sat down and wrote a song about trying to make a life out of what I love to do," he says, "and that wound up being the song that's done quite a bit for us." "The reaction was immediate the first night we played 'Halo,'" remembers Shaun. "The kids were singing along with Ryan. It was apparent the song really meant something to them."

"It's great to see fans connect with something I've written," admits Ryan. "It means a lot to me that someone might listen to one of our songs and it might help them through a difficult situation the way songs did for me as a kid." The strength of the fans' reaction wasn't lost on the music industry, either. When the froth finally settled in the wake of a signing frenzy, the band had aligned with Clive Davis' new empire, J Records.
Produced by Johnny K. (Disturbed, Machine Head) and mixed by Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Iron Maiden), with "Halo" polished by Tom Lord-Alge (Blink-182, Green Day), SOiL's label debut, SCARS, captures the ferocity of the band's life show as well as a timeless style that Tim calls "heaviness with classic elements." "We didn't want to go overboard with in-the-now effects," notes Adam. "The songs speak for themselves."
And as you'd expect from an album dubbed SCARS, the stories aren't pretty, but they're unflinchingly honest. "All of my lyrics come from things I've experienced," reveals Ryan. "And it's always been a joke that I've never written a happy song. But that's just the reality of the life I've lived. The title embodies the whole album: Each song is an individual mental or emotional scar I've endured." Or as he shouts on "Inside": "It's just a gut reaction trapped in this aggressive action."
That flame-pure equation speaks volumes about the way in which SCARS will tattoo its mark on the world. "We've all worked very hard and given up a lot," concludes Tom. "It's not just luck--there was a lot of sweat that went into this. We weren't going to settle for putting out anything less than a great album. It was all or nothing."

Rock band. Melting faces & mending hearts since 1997.

Smile Empty Soul

Smile Empty Soul is a heavy alternative trio formed while its three members were still in Santa Clarita, CA, high schools. Led by singer/guitarist Sean Danielson, the band also included drummer Derek Gledhill and bassist Ryan Martin. After honing their sound with numerous hometown gigs, Smile Empty Soul began venturing to the Sunset Strip, and eventually passed a demo to Todd Parker of the Los Angeles indie ThroBack. That exposure led to a deal with Jason Flom's Lava imprint, which was expanding in the wake of early signee Kid Rock's white-hot success. The trio hooked up with producer John Lewis Parker, who was at the helm for their self-titled debut, issued by Lava in May 2003. With its screeching guitars and Danielson's rage-filled vocals, the album was indebted to the alternative sounds of the early '90s.

"We wanted this to be a record of extremes," HURT frontman J. Loren says of the band's sixth album The Crux. "We wanted it to be its own musical world that the listener can step into, and then return to again and again, and find something new to discover every time."

Indeed, The Crux marks a vibrant creative rebirth for HURT, which has already earned a reputation as a band with a penchant for bold musical invention and unsparing lyrical insight. The new album finds the quartet—singer/lyricist/violinist Loren, guitarist Michael Roberts, bassist Rek Mohr and new drummer Victor Ribas—staking out exciting new musical territory to deliver a personally charged song cycle. The music's hard-rock punch is matched by Loren's carefully crafted, vividly introspective lyrics, which explore the darker margins of the human condition and tackle thorny issues of spirituality and self-knowledge.

The album, produced by Roberts and the band and mixed by John Kurzweg (Puddle of Mudd, Godsmack), offers 11 riveting examples of HURT's distinctive mix of sonic impact and subtle dynamics, as manifested in the songs' multi-layered instrumental settings as well as Loren's distinctive violin textures and expressive string arrangements. New songs "How We End Up Alone," "So When," "Eden," "Links and Waves," and "Numbers" (which gained significant pre-album airplay when a demo version was released to radio) incorporate soaring, anthemic choruses and spare, pensive passages and evocative widescreen soundscapes.

The Crux—HURT's first release on the Dallas based independent label Carved Records—decisively demonstrates how the band, after weathering personnel shifts and a split with a major label, has emerged intact as a dynamic, self-contained unit creating music on its own uncompromising terms.

"It was really important for us to get this right, so we took our time and put everything we had into it," Loren says. "I think it's the closest that we've ever come to capturing what we've been trying to capture since the band started."

The restless spirit that drives The Crux has been a constant throughout HURT's dozen-year career. Loren grew up steeped in classical music in rural Virginia, and was composing classical pieces by the age of 10. He was 15 when he formed the first lineup of HURT by cutting demos of his original songs and playing many of the instruments himself on the band's early recordings.

HURT's self-titled, self-released 2000 debut album and its 2003 followup The Consumation garnered considerable word-of-mouth attention, and the band's grass-roots success and growing reputation as a live act helped to win them a deal with Capitol Records. HURT's two Capitol albums, Vol. 1 (2006) and Vol. II (2007) plus the re-issue of The Re-Consumation (2008), a reworked, expanded edition of their earlier indie release—saw the band substantially expanding its national audience, spawning such rock radio anthems as "Rapture," "Falls Apart," "Ten Ton Brick," "Wars" and "Numbers." Tours with some of rock's biggest acts, including Staind, Three Days Grace, Alice in Chains, Seether and Breaking Benjamin, helped to further broaden HURT's uncommonly loyal and devoted fan base.

Despite their growing success, HURT's transition from D.I.Y. self-reliance to the mainstream music-industry machine proved to be an uncomfortable one in some respects, and by 2009, HURT was back in independent territory. True to form, the band chose to forge ahead and continue making music without corporate life support, and the band rose to the occasion to create the raw, unadorned Goodbye to the Machine, recorded quickly and with a minimum of production frills. That album helped to set the stage for the creative leap of The Crux.

"We put three years of work into The Crux," Loren notes. "We wrote and recorded Goodbye to the Machine really quickly. After that, I swore to myself that we wouldn't rush it the next time. So as Goodbye to the Machine was coming out, I began working on The Crux, and I decided that I would put my whole heart and soul and life into it.

"The first goal with this project was to return to the sound that people knew and loved about the band," he says of The Crux. "The next goal was to do a lot of self-exploration. There were a lot of ideas thrown around, and we stripped down every song idea and worked on those from scratch. It was a long process, but it was very satisfying. You really have to mess with things and experiment and push yourself. It was very much like working on a classical piece, fine-tuning it to make sure that it was as effective as it could be."

True to Loren's intention of putting his all into the project, the birth cycle of The Crux proved to be a personal challenge as much as a musical one. "What you're hearing on this record is definitely what I was feeling when I was making it, and what I was feeling is not the best place to be," he asserts. "I found myself displaced, to the point where I was unable to even talk to my family. I had broken just about every bond I could and I was at my lowest point, and there was nothing left for me to do but to work on this album. But sometimes that's where the best things come from. I think that everyone in the band actually delved into some form of insanity during the making of this album, and we had to pull together as a team and bring each other out of it. We were working on things in such depth that we all went a little crazy.

"This new iteration of the band is something that I'm very proud of," Loren continues. "These are the finest musicians I've ever worked with, and we've regained the sense of brotherhood that the band had in the beginning, with everyone united to achieve a common goal. That feeling is the best place to be, because I couldn't really open myself up if I didn't trust everybody in the group."

Prior to The Crux's release, HURT road-tested their new material and reinvented many of their older songs with their first all-acoustic tour, which allowed the band to reconnect with its fans in an intimate setting. The ability to pursue such projects is just one manifestation of the flexibility that comes with HURT's new independent status—a status that's much better suited to the band's iconoclastic nature.

"Being independent again has been incredibly liberating," Loren states. "I know that we're a hard band to classify or put into an easy genre, but I don't really care. If you're going to do something that's from the heart and from the soul, you can't betray it for the sake of convenience. You just have to do your best and be as honest as you can, and then hang up your hat for the night, try to get some sleep, and try to be even better the next day.

DIVE is a straightforward band of aggressive and melodic rock that compares to the sounds of Three Days Grace, Hoobastank and Linkin Park. DIVE formed back in 2004, taking time to create and focus their sound while playing local club and bar gigs around their hometowns. In 2007, The Truth About Us was self-released and eventually gained widespread attention for this dynamic band. The band spent the 2009 holidays at the legendary 4th Street Recording Studios in Santa Monica, CA to record their sophomore album "Picture Perfect" with producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, No Doubt, Live, Jacks Mannequin). The album was released through Sony RED on 5/11/2010 and is available on iTunes, and in stores at FYE, Hot Topic and Barnes and Nobles.

"Picture Perfect" hits you fast and hard with a fury of tight rhythms and distorted guitars from beginning to end. Having a great record filled with addicting hooks and head banging beats is just not enough for these rockers. Its all about having the live show to back it up says Jonny Dive (lead vocals). DIVE consistently delivers a tight and energetic live show, going all out and leaving the audience screaming for more. Jonny, commands the stage as well as the crowd with his uncanny vocal performance while connecting with the audience through stories of love and loss. Will Lewis brings guitar to the next level with his amazing ability to deliver both color and drive. He is backed by a rhythm section with more than enough backbone between bass player, Joey Tone , and drummer Jimmy Wooten.

In 2010, Dive headed to the new Meadowlands Stadium (Metlife Stadium) in East Rutherford, NJ to be one of the first bands to ever play the new stadium along side Bon Jovi and Train. They have also played with acts such as: Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, Fuel, Halestorm, Sum 41, RED, Eve 6, The Ataris, My Darkest Days, Trapt, Creed, Saving Abel, Ryan Cabrera, 12 Stones, Taproot, Adema, Hawthorne Heights and many more!

On March 20th 2012 the band released "The Acoustic EP" which featured 4 tracks from previous albums stripped down and raw and 1 brand new song called "Goodbye". The Acoustic EP is available on iTunes and everywhere music is sold online! After the release Dive hit the road to perform with Fuel, Black Stone Cherry, Cavo, Psychostick and more!

In June of 2012 Dive headed back to the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ and took 1st place in the WDHA Clash for Cash!

DIVE is currently in the studio working on demos for their 3rd full length release! Keep an eye out for a bunch of new tour dates coming to a city near you VERY soon!

"Going to a SUPER bob show is like getting on a f'ing roller coaster,
they rock your ass off and you can't wait to get back on."

-Whitney (On Air personality) DC 101

... SUPER bob is a four-piece high energy rock band based in the
Washington DC area. Childhood friends Adam Smith (guitar) and Matt
Santoro (vocals) formed the band, under the name "bob" in '05 with
the vision of bringing something fresh to a rock scene that seemed to
have forgotten what rock n roll was really about. Soon after, they
added Drew Recny (bass) and Chris Faircloth (drums). This band
breathes rebellious authenticity back into music and reminds you that
rock music is supposed to make you get up and not give a damn about
being you.

When you see SUPER bob live your senses will be overwhelmed by a
borderline excess of stage presence and heart pounding sound. P.R.S
sponsored guitarist Adam Smith brings a package of uniqueness, flare,
and pure adrenaline that is rarely found in any one musician, while
classically trained Drew Recny packs a clean, punchy bass style that
is loaded with obvious talent and a technique that only comes with
full dedication and commitment to his craft. Christopher Faircloth, a
Spaun Drum Company sponsored drummer, brings an almost indescribable style
to the table, one with high flying stick tricks, and hard pounding,
ear deafening, strong beats. The proverbial icing on the SUPER bob
cake is provided by Matt Santoro's vocals which can only be described
as unabashedly his own. Full of ear catching melodies, unapologetic
and blatantly honest lyrics, and a flow that is uncommon yet
undeniably at home in rock, Santoro's songwriting couples with an
unrivaled stage presence that caps off one of the best live bands you
will ever get the chance to experience.

SUPER bob's buzz was established with their eye
catching live shows, non-stop hustle, and no excuses work ethic.
Tattoos, colored hair, dread locks, and plenty of good old fashioned
rock n roll grit distinguishes them from the undedicated and
identifies them as the real deal in an industry riddled with fakers.
After three years of hard work at gaining recognition, winning the
loyalty of fans in their local scene, and growing a fan-base across
the Mid-Atlantic, SUPER bob hooked up with Grammy nominated producer
Garth "GGGarth" Richardson. They went to Vancouver BC to record their
first full length record entitled "bbbob" and then hit the road for the
next three years playing an average of 130 shows annually over a span
of 19 states.

Having just released their second full length record (Rock N Roll) in
the spring of 2010, SUPER bob stands prepared to release a third full
length in the summer of 2011. Produced by Matt LaPlant at the Bieler
Brothers studios in Pompano Beach FL, the new SUPER bob album promises
to blow minds and take the rock game to whole new dimensions. This
band grows in exponential steps and has a collection of recorded songs
that they can proudly boast is only surpassed by the full-effect of
attending a live show. Keep your eyes and ears open for this uniquely
amazing band. You won't be sorry.

"I have seen over 7,500 bands in the last fifteen years, and SUPER bob
is one of the best. Never have I seen a band gain fans so quick and
rock it on stage with such energy. They will woo grandmas to teenies"

-Mick Minchow Owner/ Booking Agent/ Promoter - Ground Zero—Spartanburg SC

Another Lost Year

Many words describe numerous emotion but when combined 3 specific words invoke emotion; Another Lost Year On the front of ever- changing music, Clinton Cunanan, Adam Hall, David Whitaker, Lee Norris, and Andrew Allender from Charlotte, NC, are creating an empire in the Alternative Metal/Hard Rock realm with truth in lyrics and an unimaginable live show that places second to none.  In less than a year's time Another Lost Year has shared the stage with the likes of national rock powerhouses including 10 Years, Pop Evil, Framing Hanley, Sore Eyes, Bobaflex, Royal Bliss, Nonpoint, Rev Theroy and Grammy performing artist Almost Kings. Completing a full touring schedule from Florida to New Jersey, Michigan to Mississippi and everywhere in between has seasoned the music to enter any ring with the best of the best. 2011 also brought the honors of "Best Rock Band" in the Carolinas.  From the opening chord to the last word, ALY's live show will take you through every emotion possible, a feeling that has been proven time and time again with not just the friends and fans that attend, but also with the bands that regularly tour with ALY. The new single The War On The Inside, (produced by Justin Rimer, 12 Stones, Breaking Point) is gaining a cult like following and the anticipation for the June slated release of the new album is growing to a height that no one could have predicted. With offers to play the main stage at some of the summer concert festivals with the headliners is the year that Another Lost Year will not lose another year, quite the opposite, Clinton, Adam, David, Lee, and Andrew are writing the story of how to create your own destiny, let the journey begin…..

Twenty12 Tribe

In a time where people have lost their faith in society and government and are now looking for something to believe in, Twenty12 Tribe brings a message of hope. Twenty12 Tribe ~ “A Society expecting Great things in God’s order”

Twenty12 Tribe based out of Coltons Point, Maryland are a five-piece with members spread-out through Northern VA and Southern MD. The band formed in the summer of 2011 when guitarists/song writers and married duo David Phelps and Debbie Barlow-Phelps left their former band SickCircle and got serious about taking their time in the song writing process. They wanted to put forth an effort to write a collection of great songs with not a positive message.

During their time with SickCircle they experienced moderate success and were fortunate to showcase their live shows for a number of well known bands, P.O.D., Sevendust, Saliva and many more. In January 2011 they were a part of a benefit for Chi Cheng (Deftones bassist) during the annual NAMM Convention in Anaheim CA. They shared the stage with POD, Head (from Korn) Hoobastank, members of Shinedown and Anthrax.

It was at a local show where drummer Shawn Wathen (formerly of EOA) met Dave Debbie and bassist Erik Odell (formerly SickCircle and HAVOC) and agree it was one of those you just know we’re going to work together moments. And so began the foundation for Twenty12 Tribe. After six months of writing the band entered the studio with Grammy award winning Engineer/Producer Drew Mazurek (best known for his work with Linkin Park, Hellyeah and NothingFace). While recording, the band decided it would be best to have Erik Odell take over lead vocals/front-man duties and put down his bass. The search for a bassist was short and Henry Lopez (H) (formerly of VA band BENTT) immersed and joined the group in March 2012.

Twenty12 Tribe is Erik Odell - Vocals, Dave Phelps - Guitars/Vocals, Debbie Barlow-Phelps - Guitars, Henry (H) Lopez - Bass and Shawn Wathen - Drums.

TWENTY12 TRIBE is proudly powered and endorsed by:
Diamond Amplification
Mesa Boogie Amps
PRS Guitars
Morely Pedals
INTUNE Guitar Picks

Defending Cain

Defending Cain is one of the hottest Metal Bands on the East Coast. Recently opening for the likes of Slipknot, Disturbed, Chevelle, Sevendust, Hatebreed, Flogging Molly, Sevendust, 3 Doors Down, Soulfly, Periphery, 10 Years, Saliva, Dope, Kittie, the Clarks, Chimaira, Bret Michaels, Taproot, Hed PE, P.O.D., and many more!

Unto Thee

Saint Diablo

Spawned from Central Virginia, SAINT DIABLO is an unmovable force to be reckoned with. Bringing with them a fresh and unique tone of hardcore metal and Latino melodies, the band is set to stun heavy music fans with the release of their new album, entitled Saint Diablo, on July 10, 2012. The new record is the third full-length from the band and is being released through Eclipse Records (Mushro
omhead, Scum of the Earth, Bobaflex). Known as a live show powerhouse, the band is ready to push that power to the masses with their biggest record yet.

"This new CD, Saint Diablo, is a combined effort of so many wonderful people. We have such an awesome group of investors, supporters, handlers, and producers behind the curtain that I see this CD as just the BEGINING of the future," states vocalist Tito Quinones. "For example, we have always done bilingual music and blended multi-cultural aspects of rock, metal, and groove; but this time we also did an entirely Spanish version of our lead single Watch Me Kill. We did this to expand our musical horizons, make new fans in countries and cultures that would otherwise have language barriers, and to have fun."

In 2003, the band released their debut album, which featured the Grammy-nominated artist Anousheh Khalili on 'Why Now?'. Also, the singles 'Senoria Paranoia' and 'Renaissance' pushed the band through new barriers and helped land them a spot on the 2003 Eat'M Showcase in Las Vegas and Salem Or-be Tour featuring Busta Rhymes in New York. In 2008, the band released REPUBLICA through 925 Records. The band has also been featured on many nationally released compilations produced by Project Independent,, and Royal Blunts.

Touring is the band's lifeblood, and being known as "tour dogs" is what this band is all about. Sharing their life's work with a devoted fan base that stretches all over the country, they think of their fans as friends and family. The band has logged as many as 200 shows in a single year, and has supported (or toured with) bands such as Slayer, Drowning Pool, Chimaira, Hatebreed, Devil Driver, Soulfly, Fear Factory, Mushroomhead, GWAR, Flaw, Busta Rhymes, and many others.

"Tour, I love being on tour! That's our life blood," adds guitarist Justin Adams. "Being on stage and performing for our fans is the grass roots of what we do. The energy, the smell, the taste of being in a packed room with a bunch of metal crazed fans, who wouldn't want to be a part of that?! The interaction of the fans and meeting new people and hearing their stories all over the country… that's what I look forward to on tour. It's about the brotherhood of living in a van with your band mates and the experiences, things you have to overcome."

On July 10th of 2012, SAINT DIABLO will release their third full-length CD entitled 'Saint Diablo' through Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, Scum of the Earth). They have filmed a music video for their first single with MyGoodEye (In This Moment, As I Lay Dying, Bleeding Through) and a national tour is currently being secured to support the new CDs release. Hands down... 2012 will be the band's best year so far...

If it's high-octane rock you're craving - with tons of attitude - then Silvertung is your band, and 'Devil's in the Details' is your album. Produced/engineered by Steven Wright (who has worked with everyone from Slipknot to Avril Lavigne), the just-released 'Devil's in the Details' is chock full of no-nonsense, hard-hitting hard rock/heavy metal, as evidenced by the lead-off single, "Coming Alive," as well as such additional awesome cuts as "Justify" and " Déjà Vu." Comprised of singer/guitarist Speed, lead guitarist Codey (Code Red), bassist Skoot, and drummer Danno, Silvertung has created a tremendous local buzz, around their hometown of Maryland. Undoubtedly, 'Devil's in the Details' is going to spread the word worldwide.

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