The Brooklyn five-piece embraces an indie pop sound rich with echo pedals, tribal beats, electro-acoustic soundscapes and classical orchestrations. The band is fronted by new-classical composer Grayson Sanders, whose vocals have been compared to Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes, and Jim Jones of My Morning Jacket.

KSRA is the pet project of Rachel Sarah Thomas. A classically trained vocalist from the age of 5, Thomas was geared to become an opera singer. While studying vocal performance at the University of Michigan Thomas was asked to sing on several electronic projects from other students in the school. She fell in love with the medium, left the classical world and began to explore. During this time Thomas was experimenting with recording herself and developed her signature style. Using nothing but her voice and household objects like paper plates and towel racks, she'd compose 50 track pieces in a few hours featuring teeth chatter, grunts, and lush vocal scenes.

After college she became a jazz singer and lead singer and keyboard player for psychedelic rock band Automata. K. Serra is her most recent and personal project.

For her first single REVIVAL, Thomas began multi tracking to tape, playing every single instrument on her first studio single herself - with the exception of bass and trumpet. Her debut single, REVIVAL, was written for this project on a friends challenge to write a song in a pentatonic scale (not sure if she did it right, but she really liked the

Taught Abroad

Taught Abroad is the one-man recording project of Chris Sadek, a Chicago singer, musician and producer.


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The Hideout


Snowmine with KSRA, Taught Abroad

Friday, September 27 · Doors 9:00 PM / Show 10:00 PM at The Hideout

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