White Dove, Tomorrows Tulips, Dream Boys

Dream Boys are equal parts Paisley Underground, Postcard Records and Flying Nun (with a jangle of rural psychedelia).

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, White Dove is comprised of songwriter Alex Johnstone (guitar/vocals), Jack Long (guitar), and Carl Harders (bass). LA native Johnstone and East-Coast transplants Long and Harders formed White Dove in 2009. The trio bonded over a shared love of classic California rock and pop such as The Byrds, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young and Dennis Wilson.

On their new White Iris 7″, White Dove have elaborated on their earlier Mazzy Star meets Emmit Rhodes sound, developed on their 2013 full length, “The Hoss, The Candle” (RSRCH and DVLP). Amoeba Music wrote of the album: “It’s rare to hear something this delicate and with such depth”. BlackBook magazine observed: “there’s a rawness to White Dove’s soft-rock meets pop sound that harkens back to a prior time, not so far in the past to anachronistic, but just enough to hint at the old-souls behind the elusively cool California treasure.”

The new single, recorded with producer Luke Top (Fools Gold), finds White Dove’s prismatic sound pushed further to new shimmering heights. A Side “Caroline” shows the band at their most direct. Singer Alex Johnstone’s stirring vocals ring with a bell-like clarity, with lyrics that are both cryptic yet revealing: “And if I’m wrong, but if I’m right, we continue on throughout the lonely night.” Long’s twisting Johnny Marr-ish guitar lines add to the song’s infectious energy while Harder’s Bass provides an inescapable Cure-like impetus.

B side “Sarah’s Song” tells a lyrically apocalyptic tale built upon a Spector-esque beat and Harder’s doo-wop bass line. The first half of the song calls to mind elements of Opal and Big Star’s Third before sliding into a wordless Beach Boys style bridge. The song culminates in a haunting denouement with Gene Clark underpinnings. LA Record recently noted of the band: “Like all the best music, this would sound really good playing on a car stereo on a late night desert drive. It’s a little sad, a little lonely and very lovely and Los Angeles should be proud that a band like White Dove calls it home.”

Tomorrows Tulips

Tomorrows Tulips formed on August 15th when Alex bought a piccolo snare drum at the thrift store and handed it to Christina. The two spent 3 nights at Mike McQ’s distillery studio organizing some sort of an idea on how to play together. While socializing with Mike and discussing what to call the group it became vaguely clear what to do. The duo consists of stripped down pop that often disregards professionalism in anyway shape and form. Absolute fearlessness prevails in creating songs that revolve around subject matter that consists of flowers, happiness, love, haircuts, friends, and un-macho-ism

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