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Home Tone began in 2006 with the release of Million Dollar Bash: Missouri Salutes Bob Dylan. We make records and try to figure out who still buys them.

We are a company striving to benefit the musical production efforts of real, working artists. Home Tone Records exists to document and promote the work of this talent, without regard to genre or current musical trends. Home Tone represents a diverse group of songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers. The result is a great musical catalog covering several genres, including rock, country, bluegrass, folk, blues, jazz, hip-hop, and jam band.

"...absolutely twangy, good old-fashioned American rock & roll - a sound that makes sense when you consider their name, a combination of "hippy" and "redneck." Their enthusiasm for their craft is obvious and infectious. Remember the name, because this band is going places," Jambase.com

The sound has been called a "jambalaya" by press and "country fried jam" by fans alike. Take it from the name, The Hipnecks, which combines the words "Hippie" and "Redneck" as affectionately as it unites trucker hats and flip-flops. Within that sentiment lays their genre-bending approach to making music. Music that is, in every way, firmly rooted beneath their feet in the fertile floodplains of the American Midwest. Rock & roll with hues of bluegrass. It is twangy. It is Ozarkian. It is most certainly Missourian - and there is nothing to the contrary about it.

No sooner than their first performance in 2004, the Hipnecks broke ground on their debut album, Just Another Fine Day, and released it feverously in April of 2005. After selling over 300 copies the night of the release show, the band scoured the Midwest for several years completing small tours that brought them as far out as Colorado's Front Range and won a national competition for best unsigned band along the way. In April of 2008, The Hipnecks released their sophomore album, American Night, on Home Tone Records which introduced heavy harmonies, mandolin, piano, and organ into their sonic landscape. Wes Wingate (vocals/piano/organ) was recruited to support the additional instrumentation on the album, and the band toured as a six piece thru 2010.

Over the following year, The Hipnecks bid farewell to several founding members; co-frontman Scott Anderson, bassist Ryan Renne, and drummer Zach Stubbs. Midwest powerhouse drummer Danny Carroll immediately volunteered to take the helm on drums, and Pat Kay's brother, Bryan Kay, joined the group on bass and vocals. Amidst these lineup changes, the band managed to release four singles; Mighty Mississippi (2010), Sni-A-Bar Stomp (2010), Trainstops & Alleyways (2011), and the gypsy ballad, Svata (2012), which features Molly Healey from Big Smith on fiddle. Molly joined the ranks of the band on fiddle, cello, and vocals around the same time as the song's release.

"... a beautifully harmonized band. There's enough intelligent songwriting here to merit attending any Hipnecks live performance," -Comomusic.com

"The band members are small-town Midwestern guys with serious musical training, and their genre-bending tunes pay as little attention to pigeon holes as they do." –Vox Magazine.

We Live in Public

We Live in Public formed at the end of 2010 in Columbia, Missouri. Founding members Jaeson Day and Matt Olson were looking to form a full band to record a new batch of material they had been working on. They teamed up with fellow musicians Zach Denison and Devin Burrow, and within a month the band recorded its self-titled demo. WLIP comes armed with the unique ability to play everything from intimate acoustic sets to full-fledged rock shows. Employing a spicy blend of rock, funk, pop and blues, the group relies on powerful harmonies, danceable rhythms and clever songwriting to entice and entertain its audiences.

The Many Colored Death

The Many Colored Death is a hard rock trio based out of Columbia, Missouri. With influences ranging from Black Sabbath and King's X to Muse and RATM, they've forged a sound uniquely theirs, while not wholly unfamiliar. Described by one fan as "a silky mixture of 70's rock and early 90's grunge", The MCD are driven by a desire to make real, honest rock music for real rock music fans. Featuring a thundering rhythm section that would make Bonham and John Paul Jones proud, and a guitarist/vocalist who is equal parts Robin Trower, King Buzzo, and David Gilmour, their brand of rock is both quiet and loud, dark and light. A veritable yin yang of sound and emotion. Soulful lyrics and melodies float effortlessly over the pounding surf of complex polyrhythms and groove laden riffs. This band doesn’t play loud so you can hear the music.

They play loud so you can feel it

Mary & the Giant

Mary & The Giant is a Columbia, MO grown five piece that blends the story telling of folk, the hooks of pop, and the energy of rock to bring a sound all their own.

The dynamic brought to stage and studio is like nothing you've seen.

Mary and the Giant is the sound of the Midwest. Melodic, tight, well-polished, and just a bit rowdy. Their self-proclaimed "Colonial Pop" sound is a little bit indie, a little bit bluegrass, a lot pop, and all rock. This atypical 5 piece band is equal parts talent and showmanship.

"Mary and the Giant: Ever-expanding and tinkering with its sound, this five-piece somehow unites the rustic allure of Old Crow Medicine Show, crisp pop-country of Rascal Flatts and unabashed rock energy of Fall Out Boy, making that potentially unstable formula work without doing any element a disservice. The band’s sound is tailor-made to appeal to music listeners with eclectic but accessible tastes. With a new record set for the first half of 2012, Mary and the Giant seems set to further its current trajectory — which has included a full dance card around the Midwest and parts of the Southeast — and break big."
-Aarik Danielsen - Columbia Tribune

M&TG is currently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming release "Welcome Back to Now".

Jenny Teator & the Fevers

Jenny Teator & The Fevers are an aggressive rock pop band with an affinity for groove. The Fevers formed in January of 2013 all connecting through the Columbia Missouri music scene. The background of the players come from rock and metal influences with new interests in jazzier approaches. Originals consist of topics about love, sex, and struggling relationships with an attitude that delivers a strong message to the listener. Teator stomps and belts her opinions through song and has no problem showing attitude. The Fevers deliver a sexy, sultry sound with a twist of multiple pleasurable grooves to get you dancing.

The Stingrays

Stingrays formed in 2006, released "Say Hello" in 2007 and had a moderately successful tour and college radio campaign. After some personnel changes in 2009, Wes and Greg began recording again with new drummer Rob Medcalf in 2010. Stingrays will begin releasing a series of singles in 2011, starting with the first single entitled "Oceanview"


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Home Tone Records Showcase! with The Hipnecks, We Live in Public, The Many Colored Death, Mary & the Giant, Jenny Teator & the Fevers...

Saturday, August 31 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM at The Blue Note (MO)

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