Folk Soul Revival

Folk Soul Revival is a harmony drenched, boot stomping, rowdy, rootsy Americana band from the Appalachian mountain region of Virginia/Tennessee.

FSR has just released their third album 'Prompting The Dapperness.'The completely fan funded release (following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign) returns to the formula that has continued to make the band so endearing- strong songwriting, sing along melodies, impassioned vocals and most of all honest music that resonates deep within the listener. There's a reason the band has such a loyal fan base ('The Congregation') and garners accolades wherever they travel.

In 2010, the band's second album 'Words Off the Tongue' was ranked among the Top 15 Albums of the Year by No Depression magazine. 'Prompting the Dapperness' reached #12 on the iTunes country charts and #99 on the overall charts on the day of its release, and has already charted on BillboardMagazine's Heatseekers Charts at #10 (South Atlantic division.)

In 2011, the Virginia Tourism Board awarded FSR the Virginia Band of the Year and in 2012 readers of Virginia Living Magazine named the band among the Top Three bands in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Keelan Donovan

Yep, I'm from Maine. Portland, Maine, to be exact. So when you're talking with me, be cognizant of my background and don't hold it against me when I mispronounce the word "room" or "hockey." I'm not doing it on purpose. That being said if you ever hear me complain about how cold it is, kindly remind me of how "wicked cold" it is back home and that "I should know bettah."

I play music because it's how I feel. I like to make people dance. I'm an extrovert that needs to let my emotions out somehow, and music/songwriting is my greatest benefactor.

I draw much inspiration from my time and experiences in the part of the world known as Vacationland - Maine - where you can sit and read a Stephen King book in the same small town in which he so terrifyingly writes about. I'm sorry, I don't mean to scare you. My songs are for the most part, happy. With two EPs released and another on the way in 2013, I hope to convey my passion for music to all who come to listen, dance, and sing along. I recently finished my college education at Belmont University and can now be found on the streets, bars, and music venues of Nashville, Tennessee.

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