Big Rock Club

BRC offers an eclectic dish of genre stretching tunes which savvy listeners appreciate. Influenced by wide variety of artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Black Keys, and Dan Deacon; you get a blend of Dinosaur Jr. meeting The Cars.

BRC calls the Cincinnati/Northern KY area home. The band features the creative song writer Curtis Dressman with his excellent guitar and vocal work; as well as doubling on the synthesizer. Along with Tom Dressman on bass, the band recently added the energy of drummer Steve Kovac.

In the fall of 2012, the Sound Images studio in Cincinnati was overflowing with creativity leading to the recent release of the full length album Extinction. The record has received airplay worldwide and on local radio stations. BRC's debut LP was also listed as a top 2012 release by City Beat and continues to received rave reviews. Extinction has launched the band to shows at top venues and festivals.

"Big Rock Club represents a new sound distinct unto themselves while bridging blues, rock, and psychedelic. BRC pulls off the mix of genres with a smooth authenticity missing from a lot of bands today. Guitar solos, riffs, consistent songwriting, and a strong band make Big Rock Club worth a listen."

"With a mix of Modern Alt Rock and some vintage Rock & Roll undertones, Extinction has a crisp, big sound that showcases the excellent vocal work of Curtis Dressman. The songs are creatively constructed and have a Pop element (and occasional New Wave synth quirk) that would make them a perfect fit for the playlists of most big “Alternative Rock” radio stations, but the songs are never pandering. There’s some great guitar work on Extinction, as well, bringing to mind a mix of Chevelle and Kings of Leon. It’s well-crafted, pleasurable Arena Rock without all the pomp and circumstance and points to even greater things in Big Rock Club’s future." (M. Breen, CityBeat)



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Big Rock Club with Founding Fathers, Blame Bertsch

Saturday, July 27 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Southgate House Revival-Revival Room