There was once upon a time a tiny soy bean that was left out in the cold. One whole year of snowy, wintery mix passed and that soy bean was very lonely, forgotten and fuh fuh fuh fureezing. Now as a general rule of (green) thumb, no bean, soy or not, should be treated as such. So! When the sun finally came oot to play and warmed the earth, that tiny soy bean sprouted and said: "I AM WONKY TONK. Listen and ye shall be filled with the nutrient of happy." Then it hopped the train and headed to Neverland. So when you hear that train a comin', rollin round the bend, know that the sprouted soy bean is calling to you: "Come ride with me". Doot Doot Doot And that is how it all began.

Kelly Thomas has been the first lady of Cincinnati Country for the better part of a decade; founder of the charitable Rivertown Music Club and member of an impossible number of bands and projects, including Second Sister, the Tammy WhyNots, the Hayseed Tabernacle Choir, her solo work and her duo with 500 Miles to Memphis’ Ryan Malott. But perhaps her purest Country pursuit is her work with the Fabulous Pickups, which has been honky tonking up area joints since 2005, and which only hit the studio for the first time last year to create Fly, the Pickups’ debut recording and, amazingly, the first time Thomas has done a full album of her own songs (okay, “Beast of Burden” wasn’t hers, but she totally owned it). Not surprisingly, Thomas and the Pickups reeled in a CEA nomination for Best Country Artist, but then the first lady of Cincinnati Country should get used to being recognized as the best. Dig: Rosanne Cash and Tammy Wynette lag cue balls for the privilege of kicking Garth Brooks’ ass. (BB)

Moriah Lawson

Sassy Molasses' Moriah Haven Lawson is known to put the sass in Grasshopper Juice. The mandolin virtuoso and record label "intern" has played with the likes of Wonky Tonk, Billy Wallace and the Virginia Blues, family bluegrass act Lawson Reunion, and occasionally gigs with Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar.

Moriah performed solo and with three bands at the 2009 AYE Music & Art Festival. She has shared a stage with such notables as Rachel Goodrich, Peter Rowan, Jessica Lea Mayfield, The Macpodz, The Rumpke Mountain Boys, and The Pomegranates.

Now, she has joined forces with Thom Curran (Formerly of the Atriums) on bass, and Michael J. Hamilton (The Flux Capacitors, Vaudeville Freud) on drums to folk up your lonely little world.

Culling out every influence they've hidden in their delicious nooks & crannies, they truly create something unique, yet, oddly familiar. Grabbing inspiration out of every genre spanning from country blues, Patsy Cline, funk, bluegrass, to even a tad bit o' metal, composed with a twisted pop sensibility. Teaming all that with Moriah's steamy, smarmy lyrics creates one hot, delicious mess you won't soon forget.

The Sassy Molasses "4 Ep's Project" is in its developmental stages. Lawson Reunion's sophomore release is currently in post-production, Lawson contributing Vocals and Mandolin.

"On mandolin, Moriah Lawson had my “musician crush” vote for the night. Amazing to watch. Barefoot, with brown straight, short hair hanging in her face, her fingers move in a mad blur, and she’s the real thing." - C.A. MacConnell, CityBeat



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