The Silent Signals

The Silent Signals

The Silent Signals sprung from the ashes of a former Philadelphia club scene band in 2008. It's three members, Michael Greto, Christopher Miller and Matthew Tenaglia felt compelled to change the stagnant musical landscape that surrounded them and began by breaking off pieces of their inspirations and molding them into their own unique sound. Creatively hiding your sources isn't an easy task, but with influences ranging from rock to electronic to soul and classical they had more than enough material to forge an album worthy of attention.

Obvious influences include Peter Gabriel and Radiohead. But if you listen closely enough you will also hear an organic, earthy Depeche Mode and even some early Cure. All in all, it's a strong combination of indie rock and technology, complete with passionate and thoughtful lyrics. With tunes about love, loss, addiction and heartache, they are a band to which anyone can relate. The Silent Signals released their first LP An eMotion Picture in 2011. Popular tracks like "Auria" and "Lucky No.11* are still making waves across the internet.

They recently released the single "Caught in the Current", a song inspired by Wisconsin artist Nina Schmidt's painting "Nothing Worth Having Is Easy to Hold" and are currently in the studio working on the follow-up to An eMotion Picture.

A Victim Of Good Times

A Victim of Good Times was formed under the influence of college radio staples: Pixies, Weezer, Pavement, Nirvana, Modest Mouse, Pinback, The Misfits. With their dreamy, Morrissey-esque vocals over urgent instrumentation, the result is catchy, pensive, and may cause a blinding hangover that leads you to call out of work the next morning.

Fronted by Matt Gaines (November Radio) and featuring bassist Mike Lebovitz (Father Bingo), drummer Matt Delaney (The Fair Trade) and guitarist Clayton Thomas (Bad Press, Svingali), AVoGT released a five-song EP, “The Summer EP,” in early summer 2012. They are currently working on their next release with producer Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA.

Dani Mari

An avid fan of Billie Holiday and Mazzy Star, Dani Mari was born to sing. Her music is fueled by personal narratives embedded in the craft of classic story telling and the emotional insight of a most unlikely “old soul”. Audiences across the United States and throughout Europe have gravitated toward her beautifully haunting voice and the simplistic elegance of her lyrics which transcend our current snap shot of popular music. A frequent guest at Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live and Deli Magazine’s pick for one to watch as this generation’s up and coming singer/songwriters, Dani Mari is set to release a wider body of work with boutique art label, Someplace Called Brooklyn.

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The Silent Signals with A Victim Of Good Times, Dani Mari

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