And So I Watch You From Afar, TTNG (This Town Needs Guns)

And So I Watch You From Afar

This self made instrumental juggernaut have been razing Belfast, Northern Ireland to the ground with their remarkable live performance which have been described by the press as stunning and unmissable and for which they achieved gig of the month from NME. After selling out of their much anticipated debut EP in just 6 weeks the mammoth mind melting machine that is And So I Watch You From Afar have been tipped by all the Irish and Northern Irish press, had high praise from Kerrang! and become a firm favourite on BBC Radio 1 receiving nationwide airplay on the Huw Stephens show and having recorded a live session for Radio 1.

As well as writing, playing, producing, designing and self releasing this instrumental debut mini album 'This Is Our Machine And Nothing Can Stop It' the guys have just sound tracked a short film and finished a collaboration EP titled 'Tonight The City Burns' featuring the vocal talents of some of Northern Ireland's finest new talent. The EP was released on Oct 17th at a packed-to-the-rafters, sold out show to 400 rabid fans in Belfast. Featured in all music publications and newspapers in the country (AU, Irish News, Belfast Telegraph, Hotpress etc) the show was considered to be the biggest night of the year and was gig of the month. Uniting some of the key new bands in Northern Ireland, LaFaro, Driving By Night, Cruz and Cahir O'Doherty of Fighting With Wire, the show featured live performances of the individual bands, whose vocalists then combined with ASIWYFA to create a behemoth of mutual talent, a fitting reflection of the band's integral position and lynch pin like status where they beat at the very heart of Belfast's extraordinary music scene.

TTNG (This Town Needs Guns)

"This Town Needs Guns sound stylish, sussed and like reformed mathcore men Minus The Bear covering seminal Mancunian miserablists The Smiths. Good, in other words." -- Kerrang

Oxford, England's This Town Needs Guns has always been known for walking a tightrope line between pop melody and technical precision. But, their sophomore album, finds the band blurring the lines so masterfully that their intricate, spindling guitar lines and soaring pop hooks reach unforeseen apexes. And, so it's fitting that the band titled their new album after esoteric means of counting: referring to the Mayan calendar's Long Count indicating the beginning (August 11, 3114 BCE) and ending (December 21, 2012) of the current creation. is their first album featuring their new vocalist Henry Tremain following the amicable departure of former lead singer Stuart Smith in 2011. This lineup shows considerable growth and cohesion with Tim Collis' signature bluegrass style finger-picking electric guitar lines weaving around brother and drummer Chris Collis' stop 'n' go syncopated rhythms as Tremain's rich vocals glide across the proceedings. But it's the band's earnest songwriting that really shines herein.

This Town Needs Guns have stayed true to their sound rather than chasing pop payoff like many of their contemporaries. The result is a leaner, stronger version of themselves similar to the way kindred spirits Pinback and Grizzly Bear have honed unique identities over many years. Album opener "Cat Fantastic" kicks things off at a spritely pace with an incredibly nimble clawhammer plucking guitar melody that sounds like a hybrid of Flatt & Scruggs crossed with Robert Fripp. But, it's the warmth to Tremain's voice and the song's hooky chord progression that makes it easy to forget the depth of musicianship on display throughout. Elsewhere, ethereal vocal melodies weave together with rapid-fire guitar and bass interplay on "Havoc In The Forum" and a sliced-up sounding drum pattern on "I'll Take The Minute Snake." Tremain's vocal acrobatics in "Left Aligned" reach stunning highs while slithering bass chords, fugue-like guitar notes and rollicking drums form a sturdy base. "" perfectly closes the album with a chiming lullaby of interwoven piano and lightly plucked guitar notes.


Mylets music is all written and performed by Henry Kohen. Yes he is a one man band. Sargent House released his three EPS on one vinyl entitled Retcon.

Mylets will record and release his debut full length for Sargent House in 2014.

Wess Meets West

Wess Meets West began in 2005 as a studio project. From these inconspicuous beginnings came an amoebic evolution of various sounds, contributors, and influences that eventually resulted in their 2011 full length, “Chevaliers”. With Chevaliers, Wess Meets West (Sam Stauff, Erick Alfisi, Nick Robinson, and Andrew Porta) move beyond any number of noisy “post rock” contemporaries in an attempt to harness a deeper narrative, one imbued with both history and odyssey. Whether on record or live, Wess Meets West consistently reaches the memorable while driving toward the intangible. Layers of ambient guitars, mirrored harmonies, swelling lows, and textured percussion mix with found sounds and electronics to create a density of sound that is otherworldly.

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And So I Watch You From Afar, TTNG (This Town Needs Guns) with Mylets, Wess Meets West

Wednesday, November 13 · 7:00 PM at The Space

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