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Baby Baby

The fine southern gentlemen of BABY BABY have been performing since late 2009. Started by singer/guitarist/raconteur Fontez Brooks and drummer Grant Wallace, the band now features Colin “CowCow” Boddy and Hsiang-Ming “New Guy” Wen.

The band has graced the stages of Made In America, Riotfest and Afropunk, as well as losing all their money on condoms and beer during The Warped Tour.

Searching to define their music, the only description is “Fun Rock” – a mélange of Indie, English and Swedish Punk, Bayou Rock, Vaudeville and Carnival. If Tony Robbins put on a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of swimshorts, downed a bottle of bourbon, listened to nothing but Blink 182 and GG Allin for 24 hours and then decided to deliver a musical motivational speech, pick up your girlfriend and steal your cab this is what it would sound like. On fire.

It is not meant to be taken seriously. It is supposed to put a large grin on your face and if you do decide a mosh pit is in order, they request that you act with decorum and class. It’s preferable that they heckle you rather than the other way round.

Get some for yourself.




David Basham's Other 40th Birthday Party and Secret Doorman's Ball with Monsoon, Werewolves, Mad Axes, Baby Baby, Andy Hollingsworth, and Luke Fields!!! FREE - Everyone Welcome! Doors 8:30

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