My God, The Heat (EX PIMPS), Black4, Cellrs

My God, The Heat


Midwestern Rock and Rawl. If 4 handsome men were kinky Atheists and had 13 punk rock sister wives who were into Buddy Holly and ball gags. Thats us!

A little slice of Midwestern Punk Rawk Rock n Roll. If you like oohs and ahhs and Doo Wops in your punk rawk then we would be your cup of tea.

OH, you need more? You want us to describe us to you with data, keywords, HTML and otherwise? Well, you see (and read), if Tom Waits, Buddy Holly, and The Buzzcocks all had sex, they would call this ill-gotten' love child: MY GOD, THE HEAT. Say it to yourself, start quiet, repeat, and get louder each time you yell our name. Say it, "MY GOD, THE HEAT." Say it louder, undress your lovers and think of us.

We think you too will fall madly in love with this cute little bastard.

MY GOD, THE HEAT is: Jake DeTulio Dickson, Pancake Johnson and Antonio LaQuondathon, and Ronald Correa Rawhoof The IIIrd. - See more at:

Black4 consists of former members of Guiltrip (Curt and Jason), Hungry Onion (Bryan) and the drummer of Fist-a-Gon and Bello (Brian). The group was formed in 2011. Infusing various rock styles to create an ever evolving sound.

The band's foundation was laid after the off chance meeting of Iowa native, (singer) Adam Novak and Illinois native, (guitarist) Weston Reynolds. The two began making music together in Fall 2010 however they did not pursue anything more ambitious than local open-mic nights around Chicago until the addition of drummer and Wisconsin native, Cooper Glodoski.

By the Fall of 2012 CELLRS had moved their equipment into the basement studio of Weston's Chicago apartment and had written enough original material to seek out gigs in the Chicagoland area. Since then the band has been actively writing new material and continues seeking management and live performance opportunities.

CELLRS, when describing their sound and influences remarked,

"We're a kind of lo-fi, avant-garde blues band that still manages to sneak some soul in here and there. We enjoy playing what we believe to be great songs with positive, high-energy performances while not getting caught up in the perfection that so many artists seek these days. We want our songs to maintain a human element to them. We don't want a "snapped to a grid/copy and paste" feel when you listen to our music. Same with our live shows. Imperfection is important to us. As Leonard Cohen said, 'There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.'"



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My God, The Heat (EX PIMPS), Black4, Cellrs

Friday, August 9 · Doors 6:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Brauer House