Trashfest USA - Two Day Ticket - July 22nd & July 23rd - 12 bands from Around the World

Delaware based Bank Executive turned International Music Promoter, Jo Sheldon, fondly known as Mama Trash, presents Trash Fest USA, at The Legendary Dobbs, in Philadelphia, on July 22 and July 23, 2011.

Now don’t be fooled by the nickname! Everything associated with Mama Trash and her company is anything but trash. “I run my business like a family. My elite roster of clients, are known as Trash Family Artists and the festival has become a Rock “N” Roll Family Reunion welcoming fans from all over the world! It really is an amazing experience!” says Mama.

This is the first US based festival for Mama Trash Promotions, Inc. following five successful events that have been held in Helsinki, Finland. Trash Fest USA will be hosted by Skinny of Deathstars (Sweden) and Val of Fashion Bomb (Chicago). The festival will feature 12 bands from around the globe including the infamous “Mama Trash All Star Band”. “The All Star Band has become a festival favorite in Helsinki and consists of some of my favorite musicians who perform covers together at the festival for the first time!” says Mama proudly.

Trash Fest USA will be held at The Legendary Dobbs located at 304 South Street in Philadelphia, PA on Friday, July 22 and Saturday, July 23. Doors will open each night at 6pm! Get there early to meet and hang out with the bands and catch every set! A limited quantity of two day passes are available online NOW for $20! Don’t delay! Pricing at the door will be $15 per day!

The opening slots for both nights of the festival were chosen from submissions to! “Close to 200 bands submitted for the opportunity to play at Trash Fest USA and win a six month promotions package with my company. I was overwhelmed by the number of really awesome bands and decided to choose two bands rather than one! Leiana from Philadelphia blew me away!” says Mama.

Confirmed Line Up & Set Times
Friday, July 22nd
7pm A Primitive Evolution (Canada) Runner Up!
8pm Star Killer (New York)
9pm Haley Band (Philly)
10pm Trash Gallery (Canada)
11pm Sunset Riot (Australia)
12am NAKED (Finland)

Saturday, July 23rd
8pm Leiana (Philly) WINNER!
9pm The Black Saints (Milwaukee)
10pm Private Line (Finland) Sammy & Jack Acoustic Set
11pm Scandinavian Cock (Atlanta)
12pm Rockets to Ruin (Atlanta)
1am Mama Trash All Star Band

The All Star Band for Trash Fest USA is: Sammy & Jack/Private Line (Finland), Skinny/Deathstars (Sweden), Steve/Haley Band (USA) & Matt/Acey Slade & The Dark Party (USA). Guest vocalists include US musicians: Val/Fashion Bomb, Andy/Scandinavian Cock & Leiana.

For press requests, contact

Trash Fest USA is sponsored by: Double Tree by Hilton,, Over The Top, Bridgewater Jewelers, Tattoo Mafia, Krash City Magazine, & Kaylin Idora Photography.

Trash Gallery

We now stand with you. We connect with you on a rocknroll level, for you are part of us, and we are part of you. Our collective goal is to be one with the One. As you breathe rock, we breathe rock. As you feel rock, we feel rock. Our energy now fills your room in which you are residing. You can choose to connect or not connect. With each breath you now take in our presence, you will take in Trash Gallery. This music will help you shine; it will release any blocks in your physical self, mental self, and in your emotional self.

Sunset Riot

With an EP capable of worldwide recognition and a live show comparable to most arena rock acts, Sunset Riot are quickly breaking the chains of the local Australian music scene and are rapidly gaining the momentum which inevitably follows the attraction of international industry figures like the infamous Mama Trash Promotions. After dominating the Sydney music scene in recent months and rightfully earning a reputation as the most entertaining act on the East Coast, Sunset Riot’s reach is quickly spreading out of the restricted Australian scene and the sights are now set on taking grass roots Australian rock back to international level. The 5 track self-titled EP is barely a scratch on the surface on the Riot train, while songs such as ‘Rattlesnake’ and ‘Trash VS. Class’ begin to give you a taste of bigger and better things, it’s live where Sunset Riot really shine. It’s often believed that the fundamental elements needed to live life to it’s fullest, are Earth, Wind, Fire and Water...but one step into a Sunset Riot show and you quickly realise that it’s more Rhythm, Sweat, Energy and Rock! that keep this world turning. There’s no denying that Sunset Riot are the current epitome of Australian rock music, and it’s about time that the independent musicians in this country took back the mantel of first rate entertainment. The day of reckoning is quickly approaching, and Sunset Riot are leading the charge! It’s a sleazy rock and roll apocalypse and we’re spear heading it! So strap yourselves in, Sunset Riot are here and this is just the beginning.

Make sure you don’t miss the hard rock explosion that is… SUNSET RIOT


The Haley Band story starts in Philadelphia, Pa, where Steve Haley started his own project after splitting from his former hard-rock band of four years, Trashlight Vision.

The name seemed to be the only thing plaguing Haley as he vacillated between starting a solo project or a group project. He knew he wanted to do something different and credits his bassist Mitch Hug, whom he met via Myspace, as coming up with idea to name it Haley. “I was going back and forth between going "solo" or as a band. It was Mitch that said just call it Haley and make it a band.” Straight from Hug, “I didn't like the name Nympho [Steve Haley’s band prior to Trashlight Vision] or using Steve Haley but Haley is short, to the point, and cool. It just happens to be Steve's last name”

As a songwriter from an early age, Haley’s influences run deep and wide, including mammoths like David Bowie, Iggy Pop, The Stooges, and the Sex Pistols. However, it was a show at Irving Plaza in New York where a chance encounter leading him to meet Joey Ramone, and a European tour with the “Buzzcocks” that Haley sites as the defining moment for his music.“ Joey was such a straight up cool dude and watching the band that partly shaped my musical taste every night on that tour was mind blowing.”

After the breakup of Trashlight Vision, Haley spent many months writing his own material and revisiting his goals. After doing the usual business of searching for new band members, and through a serendipitous posting on Craigslist and Myspace, Haley snatched up Mitch Hug, former bassist for “Boxer” and “My Dog Lucy” with tour credits including opening for Fuel and 7 Mary 3. Hug also collaborates on the songwriting and lends back-up vocals to Haley.

After a mere six months of playing together, the band set out to record their first full-length self-titled album, Haley, with Phil Nicolo which was recorded at Studio 4. Under intense creative strain, an over abundance of caffeine, and a decided lack of sleep, many of the songs were written, recorded, and perfected in studio. Stripes recalls, “We wrote most of the record in two months, we recorded (and finished writing) in 12 days.”

Haley has already gained critical review; Jay Stone, radio host of “The Faction” a syndicated broadcast on Sirius Radio calledHaley the band of the year 2008. In addition, Haley received a glowing write-up in Rock Sound, the UK’s premier rock magazine.

Haley is currently writing material for their 2nd album and touring. The are planning a Spring UK/European tour.

Private Line

Private Line are a hard rock band from Helsinki, Finland, formed during the mid-1990s (in Jyväskylä, a city in the center of Finland) and continuing today

The band was founded in the 1990s, when the founding members, Sammy, Jari Huttunen, and Eliaz were still teenagers. They bonded through love of Hanoi Rocks and Mötley Crüe. Private Line won a local band competition and used the prize money from it to record and release their debut EP Smooth Motions in 1998.

Forever And a Day was released before the album in February 2004 and it shot up the Finnish record charts, reaching #3 at its first week.

Sleep Tight could also be heard in the Finnish box-office hit movie and soundtrack Levottomat3 by Solar Films Inc. in February 2004.

April 2004 saw the appearance of the band's debut full-length album 21st Century Pirates. The album reached #18 at the official Finnish Top40 record charts at its first week and got great reviews in the Finnish and foreign press.

The second single from the debut album carrying the name 1-800-Out-of-Nowhere was put out in June 2004 and reached #4 in the Finnish single charts. The video of the song stayed on MTV's Up North Top10 video chart for 10 weeks.

In August 2004 21st Century Pirates was also released in Japan by JVC Victor Entertainment.

A third single (released December 2004) from the album called Already Dead brought the band more success with another top 5 charting in their native Finland.

The band toured for the album in various countries, such as Japan, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Sweden and Russia. They supported also acts like Mötley Crüe (2 shows in Helsinki and Turku June 2005), Alice Cooper (in Torino, Italy July 2005), D-A-D (5 shows Scandinavian tour, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Turku, Tampere in October 2005) and Brides of Destruction, a band featuring Nikki Sixx and Tracii Guns, in their hometown Helsinki at the Tavastia Club in June 2004.

The video of the Sound Advice was shot in MTV3 studios in Helsinki by Vasara films. It reached #1 on the Finnish music TV channel VoiceTV and stayed there for 10 consecutive weeks.

Sound Advice was also featured on the soundtrack of the Finnish box-office hit movie (over 200000 viewers in Finland) V2 – jäätynyt enkeli by Solar Films Inc.

During 2007 Private Line toured Finland, Sweden and Russia.

At the end of 2007, Private Line was asked to participate in the Pepsi Max campaign covering the main campaign song "More" written by hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas. The band recorded their version of the song and it ended up in the Pepsi campaign during November and December 2007 in Finland. Pepsi bottles included the band's logo, a photo of the band and code for the song in the bottles' sticker.

Recently the band has played new songs from their new album which will be released in 2010. The name of the songs are "Live, Learn And Grow Apart", "13th Step From The Grave", "Down Came The Rain" and "Deathbedtime Stories"

A Primitive Evolution

A Primitive EvolutionLYE AND APHASIAPicsPressVideoMensWomensE-TeamExclusive MusicExclusive PicsForumlog-in | not a member?

Music was the spark that drew us together, that has allowed us to create and to evolve
A Primitive Evolution occurred in that moment and a new band was born.

Recent Accomplishments:

Reccomended by George Stroumboulopoulos for Canadian Music Week 2011 in his Top 3 Buzz Bands out of the 800 that performed.
Featured on the rapidly growing music social network Reverbnation for the months of September and November 2010.
Artist Spotlight for Canadian Music Fest 2011 -
Finished 2nd place out of 150 bands for Indie Week 2010 in Toronto, ON - Oct 17th 2010
Made it to the Regional Finals in the Hard Rock Battle of the Bands - Feb 2011
With their intense live show they have built a strong local and online following that has fans travelling from the states and other areas around the world to come and see them. The band has also shared the stage with Billy Talent, The Creepshow, The Birthday Massacre, Black Lungs, The Artist Life, Carpenter and more.

Completed 4 self-produced Music Videos

1) Empty Holes
2) Show Me
3) Death on Wheels
4) Beyond True

-"Death on Wheels" was used on "Degrassi: The Next Generation" Season 10 Episode 15. Aired on CTV (Canada) Teen Nick (USA) + Internationally (airs in 140 different countries) -Aug 2010
Featured on Explore Music as the Indie Track of the Day for the song "Beyond True" Alan Cross calls A Primitive Evolution "The offspring of Grunge... A very promising act to come out of Toronto" -May 2010
"Death on Wheels" featured on Alan Cross's "Five Songs You Gotta Hear Today" on Explore -March 2010
"Beyond True" this a featured song on the animated series "Stoked", Episode 38. Aired on Teletoon (Canada) Cartoon Network (USA) -Fall 2010
"Beyond True" received airplay on the Strombo show on CBC2 Radio in June 2010
Debut album “A.P.E.” released digitally worldwide in Early 2010 through iTunes, Amazon and more. The album has received great reviews from Rue-Morgue magazine as well as many online publications.

The Story:

Everything about A Primitive Evolution boils down to instinct. From their roots in Toronto’s cult rock scene to their unrivaled, uninhibited stage show, this band takes hard rock and grunge and pumps groove and sex back into it. Encapsulating the best of horror and romance, A Primitive Evolution have just released their debut album A.P.E. containing 11 tracks of drippy rock’n’roll.

Their self-produced debut video for “Death on Wheels” solidified the band and captured their enigmatic stage presence alongside Frankenstein cheerleaders as part of the 2007 L’Oreal Fashion Week. Voiced by the late, Martin Streek,a highly respected Toronto DJ, the video caught the attention of the vampire musical movie Suck. The production crew of the film were inspired by the performance setup of the video and wanted to use it in the movie. Iggy Pop made a cameo in the Playdead Mansion as the recording engineer for the fictional band, showcasing A Primitive Evolution’s jam space and home in the cult landmark.

Formed in the fall of 2007 out of the ashes of Toronto band Lye, vocalist Brett Carruthers and bassist Steph Seki began jamming with Playdead Cult owner and drummer Stu Dead. They have spent the last 3 years working on building their sound, image, fan base as well as producing their own music videos for the debut album "A.P.E." released worldwide on iTunes and via their website in early 2010. Recently they have added a new guitarist, Scott Carruthers who helped them to win the first round of the Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands in February 2011 proving himself to be the perfect addition to the group. Since their inception they have performed as part of the Queen Street Fire fundraiser alongside Billy Talent and the Creepshow. What initiated as fun turned into an organic drive to create something fresh – something with its own experimental ideas. In 2009 the group put their live act networking skills to the test and founded a new music festival VIVA LOS MUERTOS (2009 line-up featuring The Birthday Massacre). The festival had an overwhelmingly good response and the group plans to do it again in 2010, hoping to further secure the creation and maintenance of a dynamic death rock scene in Toronto.

“Creation is evolution” Carruthers says. “That’s what I figure we were trying to say with A Primitive Evolution. As evolved as we think we are as humans or animals, we are very much in the beginning of the evolution of mankind. We have so much to learn and yet so much has changed in the last hundred years; we have a long way to go as a species. We wanted our band to reflect that too, to just go off of what we feel, do it out of instinct and evolve naturally. Have some fun existing on this planet.”

Produced by Carruthers and Matthew Von Wagner, who has produced U.S.S. and Alpha Galates as well as worked alongside Joe Barresi and Bob Ludwig, A.P.E. is grounded on a few common themes. “Death on Wheels” draws inspiration from classic grindhouse horror films, while others like “Dead End” are thinly veiled love songs. “War B.” explores political undertones and the Western view of war. “Beyond True” and “Still Waiting” draw influences of Radiohead and U2 with an amped up feel uniting the main themes of the album and capturing the romanticism of human interaction. Prepare yourself for a band that is as primal as they are passionate, as convicting as they are creative, and as solid as they are sinister. As CHARTattack stated, "If you're not from Toronto or you don't know what I'm talking about, I feel sorry for you, because A Primitive Evolution are a rock 'n' roll wet dream and they're sexy as f#&k."

A Primitive Evolution – A.P.E.
Worldwide Digital Release Date: February 16th 2010
Canadian Release Date: December 3, 2009
Label: Independent
Contact: Brett Carruthers
Publicity: Sheena Lyonnais


Naked's debut album ”This One Goes To Eleven” was released in 2004 and featured the single ”Sister”. The video for the track was directed by Stefan Lindfors (HIM, ”Funeral of Hearts”). The second NAKED album ”Let’s Get Naked… And Start A Revolution” (2006), produced by Englishman Dan Weeks, featured two Top 5 singles, ”High On Blue Love” and ”Revolution”. The video to the latter was shot in London with the singer The Muff cavorting in Camden Town, wearing a strait jacket. For their third album ”Superstate” (2007), NAKED joined forces with yet another English producer Nick Triani. With the new single and video ”No One’s Perfect”, NAKED hit the road again delivering a cavalcade of seriously ass kicking, sweat dripping, shirt ripping and confetti bursting rock shows. These ear-deafening events took NAKED all over Europe, Scandinavia and Russia and included support gigs with esteemed international acts such as The 69 Eyes and The Killers. The ”Superstate” tour ended in May 2009 with a sold out rock spectacle at the Liquid Room in Tokyo, Japan.

After all that live extravaganza, NAKED found the time to complete their self-produced album ”Double Down”. The 13-track robust monster of a record is simply a 48-minute experience that will most definitely change your life.

The Black Saints

Wicked guitar riffs, light ‘em up solos, a fierce banshee howl on vocals, and lock tight drums & bass grooves mingle together to form the sinful ROCK EXPLOSION that is known as ‘The Black Saints’.

Born & Bred in Beer City, USA (aka Milwaukee, WI) the ‘Saints bring to life the glorious intensity and frenetic power of the most classic elements of rock n’ roll and punk in their own delicious and wicked voice. They unabashedly revel in the sound of a guitar-drenched rock revival that continues to define a new generation of independent music listeners in search of something more than the spoon fed mass-media examples of what passes for modern rock music.

Formed in the beginning of 2009, the ‘Saints have already had the thrill of debuting their sound with a performance to a packed and appreciative crowd at the world-famous Summerfest music festival , in addition to hitting it hard and recording their debut EP that features the cuts ‘Dead Man Walking’ and ‘Beauty Queen’ which both exemplify the ‘Saints sound in a way that few other artist debuts can.

With countless hours workin' the road and playing gigs all over the midwest, the ‘Saints are looking forward to spreading their sickness far and wide to all those who wish to embrace the ‘word’ of all things rock!

Star Killer


"This is a continuous process of shedding skin…rebuilding and moving forward” says singer Leiana of her most recent release “Lucky Number Three.” With a new producer Eddie Wohl (Anthrax, Dry Kill Logic, Ill Nino, 36 Crazyfists, , H20, Jesse Malin) and new record label (FOF/EMI) for her third album and major label debut, the DIY spirit of Leiana is still alive and definitely still kicking . The Philadelphia-based artist has a rapidly growing fan base in the rock, hardcore and punk worlds.

End of an Era

So exclaims vocalist Jeff Wallace on the band's anthem "Malevolent Nation." This pretty much sums up the brazen philosophy and attitude of the Ocean County, NJ based hard rock/metal quintet End Of An Era. "We don't want people to buy into the whole Laguna Beach (ie: TV show) and American Idol and all that bullshit that is so prevalent in American society these days," confesses keyboardist Steve Blair, reinstating, "We want to take people away from their television and computer and make them think for themselves."

The band came together nearly 5 years ago when Blair and Wallace teamed up to write music, and not long after they recruited guitarist Jeff Brogan, bassist Justin Mazyk and drummer Jeff Spags who were all performing in different local bands in the area at the time. Blair admits, "The music scene here is fertile at the moment, New Jersey lies between NY and Philly so there's always tons of places and 3 million bands competing for good gigs."

Relentlessly pounding away at local hard-rock venues certainly paid off as End Of An Era soon found themselves performing their first major festival in front of over 60,000 screaming rock fans at the Bamboozle Music Festival at Giant Stadium in their NJ hometown. And the band has even found success in foreign shores performing at such prestige festivals as the Machinaria Rock Fest in Sao Paulo, Brazil in May of 2008 alongside major cutting edge metal/punk bands such as The Misfits, Sepultura, Biohazard, Suicidal Tendencies, and MxPx. And throughout the summer months of 2009 the band will be playing other prominent music festivals such as The Northeast Music Fest and North Coast Music Fest, both 3-day rock fests where the band will be performing all three days. Drummer Jeff Spags claims, "Performing at these festivals really works well for this band and the response has been tremendous so far. We'd rather play one show in front of a few thousand people rather than several shows in front of a couple hundred people so we obviously try to get on as many festivals as possible." This has proven to be a shrewd and savvy strategy that has certainly worked in the band's favor, as Blair explains, "Our philosophy is to simply get our music out to the people in whatever way possible and the live shows, particularly the festivals, really seem to work best for us. Blair continues, "The Internet is a great tool but it has become so saturated these days with literally millions of bands trying to promote their music that it makes it very difficult to break through. We come from the old-school mentality of taking our live show to as many places as we can."

And speaking of the live performance, Steve adds, "The live show is our forte, we try to bring out the theatrical aspect as much as possible and really try to give the audience their moneys worth."

As far as the music is concerned, all five members come from different musical backgrounds ranging from industrial to punk to all-out heavy metal which all come together to create a unique modern-industrial metallic framework that defines the End Of An Era sound. And as for the lyrics, Blair conveys, "Many of the tracks lyrically come from the perspective of a person on the outside looking in at the world around." Blair continues, "It's a real 'Me against the world' attitude… It's about NOT buying into any trends and just being yourself and having your own beliefs."

The Keefs

The Keefs, Delaware's newest hit makers, are the perfect blend of old-school punk and rootsy rock n' roll with the melody and hooks of power pop with hints of a glam rock sheen.

Slightly gritty vocals, contrasted with melodic guitar lines define their sound. The Keefs attribute their sound to a wide variety of influences including Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, The Ramones, Johnny Cash, Dead Boys, The Clash, Descendents, Social Distortion and old school Motley Crue.
“I was instantly impressed with the Keefs. The Keefs bring back memories of classic 80's sounding punk meshed with some classic rock and roll. The bands that instantly came to mind when they started were the Ramones, The Kinks and the Clash... The Keefs are straight forward solid punk/rock party music. The set was a nice energetic set of 12 hard driving songs with no annoying musical interludes. If you are a fan of the Ramones, The Kinks and 80's style punk music, you need to go check out The Keefs... Go check out The Keefs live!”— Mid Atlantic Rock Reviews

The Dirty Pearls

Brand new but already a classic, The Dirty Pearls come straight from the streets of New York City, all sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll bravado delivered with sharp hooks, witty lyrics and a seedy swagger reminiscent of the finest 1970’s-era rock acts. Fans have christened the band the “Supergroup of the East Village” as much for their pedigree (their lineup boasts former members of some of NYC’s best and most beloved local bands) as for their consistently sold-out—every NYC gig to date, in fact—live shows.

The band’s history begins with lead singer Tommy London, who in early 2006 set out in search of four fine young men eager to stir up some NYC-style rock ’n' roll; four guys intent on resurrecting the magic conjured by The Ramones and The New York Dolls. Guitarist Johnny B. and drummer Marty E. arrived first, followed soon after by guitarist Tommy Mokas and bassist Doug Wright. And The Dirty Pearls were born.

Their high-energy live shows will make your heart pound and your feet stomp and if you don't leave singing a Dirty Pearls song, then you were never really there at all.

Real rock ’n’ roll has wipe that smile off your face!


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