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Melissa Czarnik (Zarnik) is a songwriter, poet and emcee that fuses elements of jazz, poetry and hip hop into an eclectic sound that has earned her recognition from NPR, Bitch Magazine, and Bust Magazine among others. A recent transplant to Brooklyn, she has already garnered the title of one of NYC's #1 Emerging Artists from the Deli Magazine NYC.

Czarnik performs live with pianist Eric Mire and percussionist Meredith Butterworth. Her live show has captivated audiences from as far as France to New York, California to Brussels. Her most recent album, Non Merci (Hyperdrive Motivator Productions, 2012), was written and recorded at an artist residency in the French countryside, 90 miles southeast of Paris. An ultimately personal and reflective album, "It's as surprising a pairing as it is effective…Hard-hitting and smooth at once," says Mike Levine (Deli Magazine). Czarnik's DIY attitude and lovingly karmic heart can be heard and felt on Non Merci and similarly on her first two albums, Strawberry Cadillac (2008) and Raspberry Jesus (2010), self released by the DIY artist on her own label, Hyperdrive Motivator Productions. To hear Czarnik's recordings and then to see her live is like putting air to fire, fuel to the already powerful emotion that lies within her lyrics and brings them to life.

You can find Czarnik playing around New York City. She is currently working on her fourth studio album and writing a libretto for an opera with composer Eric Joseph Meyer.

Prez Powerz/Future People

Prez Powerz is a Brooklyn based recording artist fusing Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Electronica and Psychedelia with detailed sci fi concepts and story lines. Prez and producer/guitarist Prompt Strong recently released their latest album The Impossibility Machine. The album tells the story of the inter-dimensional war against S.H.A.D.O. W. The Super Hate Army Destroyer Of Worlds.
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With a crew of b boys known as The Future People, Prez Powerz and Prompt Strong perform a unique live show featuring elaborate costumes, props and multiple characters that help to bring the songs and their themes to life. The group's music videos are self produced action adventure stories that further expand the fictional universe and it's mythology. A living comic book about a band of reality jumping renegades on a mission to liberate all of humanity, Prez Powerz is a multi media project for the 21st Century.

The Scranton Gangster. The Mythical Rapping White Boy from Brooklyn. The Global Citizen.

This is BRBRCK.

Mike Berberich (aka BRBRCK) is a genre-bending hip hop songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York, where he writes and produces all of his own music. His catalogue spans an eclectic range of sounds, from 80s synthpop to roadhouse blues to progressive jazz. The narratives that BRBRCK crafts are equally diverse, from old school jams about stealing rhymes to commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, written during his time spent in the West Bank and Jordan. His live shows are an explosion of energy, with a full band backing the MC as he weaves his witty sense of humor through a nonstop barrage of spitfire wordplay and brass-knuckle punchlines. In 2008, BRBRCK released "Scranton Gangster," his debut album, in part because of the extensive radio play his single "Scranton Gangster" received on Top 40 regional radio stations in his home state of Pennsylvania. Since then, he has penned over 200 songs and has collaborated with a diverse group of artists, including accomplished jazz bassist Felix Pastorius, Anna Morsett of the band "Yet Cut Breath," and dozens of local Brooklyn MCs and producers. BRBRCK is currently finishing production on his sophomore album, "Pardon the Languish," and plans to tour extensively in the US and abroad.

The passion and energy embedded in AYo’s lyrical content and performance presence commands attention and has captured the eyes and ears of both the hip-hop and spoken-word poetry communities. He’s served on a panel with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, interviewed Russell Simmons for MTV, and toured nationally; performing at legendary venues like the The Shrine, Nuyorican Poet’s Café, Stanford University, and Mendelssohn Theater at the University of Michigan.

AYo and The AY0INM0TI0N band play energetic live hip-hop music on a bed rock of jazz/afrobeat/soul infused instrumentals. Drawing from AYo's powerful lyrics and charismatic stage presence, the band is personified by amazingly talented musicians who believe that showmanship goes hand in hand with musicality. The lyrical content in AYo's music illustrates his experiences as a child growing up during military tyranny in Nigeria and subsequently moving to the inner city of Flint, Michigan. AY0INM0TI0N is a band to watch, feel and experience. His 5-piece band features a back-up vocalist, bass, guitar, keyboard, drums and an occasional horn section.



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Back to School Special ft. Melissa Czarnik with Prez Powerz/Future People, BRBRCK, AyoINMotion

Saturday, October 5 · 6:00 PM at Tammany Hall (NY)