Sundae Drives

Sundae Drives is an Acoustic driven Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B act from the east side of Cincinnati, Ohio featuring singer/songwriter Adam Lee. Known for his unique sound and intense yet intimate performances, Adam plays a raw, stripped down and creative style of music. Through unorthodox guitar playing, melodic vocals, organic percussion, emotional keys, slick bass lines, and the strength of his partnership with multi-talented Producer, Johnny "Chords" Chapman, Sundae Drives is sure to find a place in your heart.

American Idol Season XIV Alumni (2015)

Cincinnati grown soul-singer, song writer, pianist, guitarist and teacher spends 2015 performing session work for various artists in Ohio, Atlanta, LA, Nashville and New York, as well as publishing songs under Major and Indie labels. Lamb will be touring the Midwest while she writes for her 2015, new project release. You can catch her solo and full band act in Cincinnati on a regular basis.

Cincy Vibe Writes-"Staggeringly unique modern folk band with a rock & roll soul. This “3 1/2 piece” band features Jess' haunting vocals that flat out mesmerize & hypnotize listeners. Brother Kenny’s impressive guitar work ranges from silky & subtle to savage & searing. Kasey’s magnificent bass/kick drum combo is not only singular in style, it’s pure musical genius. Together the three create originals that should steal top spots on every college radio playlist."

"They also twist a few covers here and there into something more interesting and emotional than the original artist ever intended, or possibly even imagined. A must see for all indie music fans, jazz fans & soul searchers. Think “jazz/folk fusion" gone radio. Marvelous musicianship coupled with powerful feminine vocals soaring with such soul they would make the late Janis Joplin either weep with joy, or cry in envy.​"

"The talent in this trio strangleholds their crowds. High praise from press, musicians and fans will no doubt slowly push this band to a national level. See them while you can at a local Cincinnati show because that’s where their performance shines brightest. Much like great jam bands, Jess Lamb's dynamite dynamics are best savored live, up close and personal."

A&E Productions writes-"The lyrical and instrumental components of Jess Lamb originals stir the heart and echo the soul of Everyman, simple and eerie, romantic and full of angst. With influences ranging from Gospel to Rock to Bluegrass to Soul, the music takes on many shapes throughout one show. One thing they all share—is grit."

You can see Jess Lamb performing original and classic soul tunes in a city near you with band mates Kenny Lamb and Kasey Williams.

Lamb also performs vocal work with Black Signal- 2014 CEA winners for best Electronic

Shiny Old Soul

Shiny Old Soul has taken to the description “Cosmic Roots” given their fusion of a bluesey, roots driven foundation and an eclectic, unbound catalogue of original songs.

Comparisons range from Van Morrison to the Grateful Dead, the Meters, Pink Floyd, and The Decemberists, to broader things like gypsy jazz & vintage rock. Yeah, they’re one of those bands, sounding inevitably like themselves but with a bizarre tip of the hat to countless others.

But really it’s all about the songs. Bank robberies, pregnant pirates, time travelers, voodoo spells, allegory, and plain old sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, that conspire to reveal a world of simple feelings in exotic places. A broken heart by any other name. If that wasn’t wierd enough, folks really like to dance to it too.

Fans can be seen singing along to many of songwriter, guitarist Gregory Morris’ vast collection of songs, elevated by the jazz stylings of drummer Katherine Monnig and low end folk maestro Michael Sadoff. In fact, Gregory, Michael & Katherine have been playing together since 2003, formerly known as the Gregory Morris Group.

The latest SOS album (Cash is King, Jan 2012) features two charming female vocalists, Lee Schmidt, with her sultry deep water timbre, and Laura Hughes with her clear, high Nashville croon. Together they round out the 5 piece ensemble with it’s unique blend of harmony, beat and lyric, ranging from the ominous to the ridiculous, thriving on a balance of low gain and high intensity.



Addl. $3 at the door for 18-20.

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