Ring, Cicada

Ring, Cicada

Ring, Cicada will play 2009's "History's End" in its entirety (and some other gems from the vast R,C catalog) and finally release the album in a tangible form, along with miscellaneous posters, stickers, and other goodies to sweeten the deal. This lineup, which features the rhythm section of Aaron Zeveski, who took over drumming responsibilities for R,C just after the release of 2004's "Good Morning, Mr Good" and Drew Mader(ex- Camp Climax for Girls, The Midwestern, current Your Dukes/Hope & Therapy) on bass, as well as R,C mainstays Dave Goodman and Christian Powell doling out the two guitar attack, has not performed together since 2008.

"What is really amazing is how much tighter the band is here. They still lean on instrumentals to carry the heft of the album, making sure there are enough hooks, embellishments and creativity to snatch your attention away from whatever you're doing once you're lucky enough to start listening to History' End. They were seamless before, but now theirs a smoothness to their chops. On "Good Morning, Mr. Good," time signatures came and went like dynamic mood swings: orderly, but abruptly. Now they switch gears and literally genres mid-song in the most natural of ways. It's to music what string theory is to physics. It's not overdone or overwhelming, like Mars Volta or Mastodon can be. It's powerful music, intergalactic space shootout or post-apocalyptic car chase level energy. And yet there's balance in History's End between how impressive it is, and its immediate accessibility. Every tone, vocal, lead and rhythm guitar, bass and drums are given space, sounding developed and brilliant. They obviously took their time...and got it right. Well Worth the Wait. A+" | Willie E. Smith for Playback:STL

There comes a time where every man must dust himself off, and climb back on a jittery horse. In helping to form LOZA, Jason House (Pave the Rocket, Ghost in Light, Riddle of Steel) and Ken Wilson (Pave the Rocket, Keyop) did just that, by first getting together and exchanging ideas in the fall of 2008, and spending many afternoons knocking off the cobwebs of musical inactivity in Ken's south side St. Louis row house. Shortly thereafter, Andy Colligan (Ghost in Light, Space Age Palmer) was approached by Jason, and the trio began practicing in the basement of Andy's south side house. With zero expectations, nor any willingness to tour in an attempt to mold the band into a promotional machine, they continued to practice 1-2 times a week for over 2 years before even booking their first show.

Musically, LOZA offers smooth sonic blasts of lush reverberant guitars over beds of erie keyboards, propelled by the pulsing downbeat of the drums and bass. The resulting mix can be a hypnotizing and sometimes surreal experience for the listener, leaving many to question how it is that a three-piece could create such a "big" sound.



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Ring, Cicada with Loza

Saturday, August 31 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Demo