Haunted Summer (video release party), Tashaki Miyaki, yOya, Jacob Dillan Summers of Avid Dancer

John & Bridgette Seasons of Haunted Summer

Haunted Summer crafts languid pop music, adorned with orchestral strings and electronic textures that recall Soft Bulletin-era Flaming Lips.-Candice Aman (KXSC Radio)

Their brand of dream pop feels timeless, with just the right amount of youthful nostalgia to woo your ears into submission. Moody’s smooth, light as air vocals captivate like a siren of the sea, while the arrangements are lush and seductive, but never pushy. It’s a delightful combination that has the power to fill any lazy summer day with an extra bit of magic. -Jacqueline Caruso (The National Deli Magazine)

There’s no question that whatever is haunting Moody and Seasons is steering the duo toward a beautiful place. -Kevin Bronson (Buzzbands LA)

Windswept vocals, sultry strings and spacey guitar blend together beautifully. The whole thing is mysterious and engrossing enough that it gets under your skin and stirs your own private nostalgia. -Billy Gil (Amoeba Blog)

Haunted Summer has a very pretty, psychedelic sound with ethereal vocals from Bridgette Moody, who comes into her own as a lead vocalist. -Julie Stoller (The Boston Music Survival Guide)

Tashaki Miyaki

"Menace and mystery surround this female Jesus and Mary Chain, whose vocals cut like honey-coated razor blades" - The Guardian

"Tashaki Miyaki has a sound to them that is both very old and new at the same time, with a haunting beauty that fascinates me. Listening to their music brings to mind something of a mix of David Lynch and the Cowboy Junkies, but not because of a comparable look or style, but because of the emotional resonance of their unique sound." - CBS News

"...so pretty I'm afraid saying anything else might diminish it." - FADER

" [Tashaki Miyaki] are being touted as the female Jesus and Mary Chain thanks to dreamy songs like "Somethin' is Better Than Nothin,'" and we're not about to argue." - NYLON magazine

" It has that heavy, heavy, sullen feeling at the start.. and once the sullen vocals kick in I'm totally won over, every single time." - NME

Augmenting acoustic pop music with a beat machine isn't revolutionary these days with the likes of artists such as Ellie Goulding propelling the "folk-tronica" genre. However, L.A. band yOya still writes playful songs of chipper guitar riffs boosted by complex rhythms that tug their whimsical lyrics in memorably pleasant directions. Falsetto harmonies from Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich, who have been friends since their days in Corvallis, Oreg., before studying music together at USC, highlight the solid balance between their folk-rock roots from the past and urban influences from the metropolis they live in now. Their latest album "Nothing to Die" is a collection of intricately textured songs that sometimes recall past material from the Dodos yet also maintain accessible melody for even the biggest Coldplay fan. - Seraphina for Buzzbands LA

Jacob Dillan Summers of Avid Dancer



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Haunted Summer (video release party), Tashaki Miyaki, yOya, Jacob Dillan Summers of Avid Dancer

Thursday, August 1 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Satellite