Wisecub, Auditorium, The Man From John


Scott Goldbaum: Vocals/Guitar
Aleena Bissett: Vocals
Blake Straus: Guitar / Piano
Mike Musselman: Drums
Molly Rogers: Viola / Vocals
Brennan McNally: Bass

Auditorium's critically acclaimed debut album, 2011's Be Brave, clocked in at a lean 31 minutes and change, yet managed to pack more jaw-dropping melodies, achingly beautiful harmonies, and intricately woven arrangements into its 14 tracks than most artists' entire catalogues. Buoyed by the response, a new 4-song EP, Nights Worth Living, was released in February to similar acclaim; Radio Free Silver Lake declared that it "contains four songs that could each individually be seen as the best song of the year."

All of Auditorium's recordings are the sole creation of Los Angeles-based singer/multi-instrumentalist Spencer Berger. Berger didn't have to look far when putting together the live incarnation of Auditorium. "My sister Elizabeth has a gorgeous voice, my wife (Daya Berger) played bass in NYC bands for years, my pals Jon & Justin Hogan literally live at the end of my block, and I've known our drummer, Scott Jarmel, since high school....so the whole thing sorta just fell into my lap."

When Berger was nine years old, he bumped into Pavarotti. Not on the street. On stage...at The Metropolitan Opera, where Berger performed from the ages of nine to twelve. "He was enormous," Berger remembers. "Like walking into a pillow the size of a mountain." While growing up in Queens, NY, a friend of the family had heard Berger singing, and urged his parents to have him audition for The Met. They balked. "They weren't stage parents," Berger explains. "And they knew I had no idea what an opera even was. But I guess this family friend pestered them enough, so finally they asked me whether I wanted to audition. And I didn't know any better, so I said yes."

After graduating with a music degree from Vassar College, Berger made his way out to Los Angeles, where he recorded Be Brave in relative secrecy over a three year period. Meanwhile, Berger found success as a screenwriter and actor when a film he wrote and starred in, Skills Like This, won the prestigious South by Southwest Film Festival Audience Award. It was released in art-house theaters across the country, including The Angelika right here in NYC.



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Wisecub, Auditorium, The Man From John

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