Phx Ska Punk Bowling - Pub Rock - Day 1

Skull Drug

SkullDrug was formed in November 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona.
Their diverse musical backgrounds and experience has helped them to fuse styles like Country, Funk, and Jazz to the constant, catchy south west Punk/Metal base they have throughout with direct influence from the 80's hardcore and metal cats, with SkullDrug's overall message being THINK.

No Gimmick

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, No Gimmick has played countless local shows, as well as brief stints in L.A. and Mexico. They've shared the stage with Marky Ramone, Authority Zero, Punk Rock Karaoke, Something Corporate, Guttermouth, CKY, Pour Habit, Sugarcult, Rufio, Ten Foot Pole, Against All Authority, Mr. T Experience, Jughead's Revenge, Antifreeze, Riddlin' Kids, Civet, Bionic Jive, Stereotyprider, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Fred Green, Trik Turner, Tickertape Parade and also played Warped Tour '02.


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