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Rock The Link

For 20 years, The Link has provided education, supportive housing and a dynamic network of social services to at-risk youth in the Twin Cities. Targeted programs reach out to youth and families when truancy, homelessness, or involvement in the juvenile legal system is putting youth at risk of not reaching their fullest potential. By providing case management services to youth who are truant, homeless or in trouble with the law, The Link is building assets for at-risk youth and young adults to succeed in life. We currently serve over 3,300 at-risk youth each year.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota, trio formed in the winter of 2008 as songwriter Holly Newsom shifted her reclusive solo work into a rock lexicon that now includes bassist Tim Abramson's melodic counterpoint and the taut structures from drummer Thom Burton. Newsom gives her songs a heightened sense of conviction as her pensive words and private thoughts fold over and drape around warped pop styles and abolished rock band stereotypes.

The lyrics pour out in a variety of ways – sometimes gushing forth in torrents, often crawling out in little more than a whisper – but they are always tethered to melodies that emotionally and elementally guide each song. These particular contrasts and disparities have been wrought into a definitive album which, fittingly, left the band no option but to name it after themselves.

Them That Dare

THEM THAT DARE is an audio menage for the rocker,soulster,hipster,gamer,lover,and peacekeeper in all of us.
THEM THAT DARE is a 3 piece OUTLAWrock outfit from Minneapolis,MN. It was born via boredom and a need for something a bit different. A BADASSblues band for the now.
By the way,the term blues has many definitions here.

look for it in the street,ask for it by name.



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Rock The Link, Zoo Animal with Sun Gods to Gamma Rays, Them That Dare, The Erickson’s, Brian Laidlaw and the Family Trade

Thursday, July 25 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 7:30 PM at Triple Rock Social Club