Little Bull Lee

Donald Doolittle, Blake Raynor, David Ulloa

Comprised of members Madwreck and Matt Cagle’s complementary production skills, Dirty Art Club channels psychedelic electronica layered with thoughtful nods to hip hop, dreamy beats and dark, melancholy undertones.

"Give Oulipo's latest EP a few measures and its title, Primitive Ways, makes sense — skittering beats and cavernous, reverberating vocals overwhelm as a few witchy howls drive the point home... These are not the acid-washed jams that they initially seem; they're great pop songs, built by offspring of high artistic theory residing in the digital age." -Shuffle Magazine

Lilac Shadows

Bright. Dark. Quiet. Loud.

Stepdad SS

members of No Power, Towering Pyre, The Rogue Nations

Modern Man began as a solo, recording project in the spring of 2010. With little to no expectations, founder Allen Glenn’s, small project soon evolved into a four piece touring band. After joining forces with then roommate and subsequent drummer, Jeff Perry, Glenn began seeking additional musicians, bringing Brian Draper of Secret Vessels and Jose Davila aboard. As conflicting schedules made performances difficult for Perry, Nikki Calvert of Coma Cinema took his place after substituting during a 2011 summer tour with Coma Cinema.
As each member derives from an array of both conflicting and similar musical backgrounds, our ‘genre’ has never really been self-proclaimed and is ultimately determined by the beholder. Simply, we are four friends whose bonds were born through our collaborative music making efforts. None of us knew each other as much more than fellow patrons of local shows, bars, bands, etc., and through our chance meetings, random encounters and undeniable connection, a family has formed.
Together, Allen Glenn (vocals, guitar), Brian Draper (guitar), Jose Davila (bass) and Nikki Calvert (drums) are working diligently at playing shows, recording, making merch, promoting, practicing, and the list goes on. Our desire is to continue creating and performing music together while learning new things and meeting new people along the way.

Motel Glory

mad libs, whiskey

Amigo jams econo in the footsteps of their punk rock heroes. Their music comes from their imaginations, where shit-kickin' east Texas honky tonks are infiltrated by weird and flamboyant art school kids and, somehow, everybody gets along famously! The music is about magic and despair, gettin' yer rocks off, not gettin' yer rocks off, being filled with innocence and wonder and then the world taking a giant dump on your head. Oh, yeah, and it's fun, too – because it's ROCK & ROLL music, y'all! Amigo looks forward to seeing everybody later this year on tour in support of their debut LP, Might Could. Be cool in the world!



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