Leah Shaw

Leah Shaw

North Carolina native Leah Shaw has been drawn to music since early childhood. She was encouraged by her mother, who told her early on, “Music is a language for you.” And she was right. Between church choir, high school drum line, a classical music degree, and early live performances in restaurants and wineries, music has been the common thread connecting Leah to everyone and everything.
“I'd taped original songs in high school and dreamed of playing on stage one day. I idolized musicians who wrote their own music and sang and played instruments; I noticed there were less women instrumentalists than singers and I remember wondering why that was and wanting to do it all.” And she practically did, learning to play almost any instrument she picked up - piano, drums, bassoon, xylophone, guitar and finally, the harmonica. Attending James Madison University on a bassoon scholarship, her focus shifted away from songwriting until 2008 when tragic news hit her family and Leah went looking for an outlet. She dusted off her guitar and rediscovered her voice and a buried passion for singing and songwriting.
Working part time at a popular North Carolina winery, Leah assembled a band (affectionately referred to as The Winos) to play her favorite folk and blues covers, and built a solid fan base with a series of outdoor concerts. In 2011 she quit her job, packed a suitcase and her instruments and moved to New York City with the determination to improve her ability as an instrumentalist and singer, performing for anyone who would listen. Her favorite New York City venue is still the subway. “In the subways, I refined the art of overcoming awkwardness to play confidently in front of just about anyone. F Train people are my favorite.” And it appears that she’s a favorite among subway fans as well, often leaving subway rush hour with $100 in her guitar case.
With her new-found confidence, Leah has begun crafting her own original music while honing her performance skills. Combining her natural creativity and quirkiness with her love for blues and folk music, Leah aspires to incorporate the bassoon into her music. “I consider the bassoon my best instrument; at fourteen years it is my longest relationship. However, singing is my true love, and there is quite a bit to say.”


The Deluge is a whirling dervish of a band that possesses a kinetic energy in their live show that will leave audiences swooning long afterwards. Blending Americana, Soul, Jazz, Funk and Rock, the Deluge’s unique sound captures the essences of many musical styles.

Their debut record "Cryin' on the Vine" features the award winning song "Strange World"...which won best R&B song of 2010 from the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Their second release Elephant Graveyard features the talents of the Grammy Award Winning Keyboardist, Kofi Burbridge, (Tedeschi Trucks Band) and showcases the group's vast musical range.

Formed in 2008, this vocally dynamic and musically diverse group features Brandon Knox on vocals/harmonica, Chris Lord on guitar, Daniel Seriff on guitar/vocals, George Westberry on bass/vocals, and Jeremy Merritt on drums.



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Leah Shaw with Deluge

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