Gang Of Bacon

Gang Of Bacon

Gang of Bacon.......Ex members of Red Stinger, Plot 38 and Fifth Sun Falls.

Son Survivor

Son Survivor started as a musical outlet project in 2011. It was started with one goal in mind- not to take over the world, not to be the biggest band around, not to give us something to do on a Friday night. We are here for one reason- to make ass-kicking music with our good friends. After taking some time off in the summer of 2011 and solidifying the line-up, we have created 8 brand new metal songs designed to melt faces. In the fall of 2012, Son Survivor went into the studio with Danny Cooper (Bleach Blond, Drop Dead Gorgeous drummer) to put some of these ideas down. Watch for some new music to be in your hands in the coming months and lookout for some shows this winter.. they're gonna be sick

Chasing Addiction

We are Chasing Addiction a band out of the small town of Elizabeth CO. we hail from many different styles of music combined to make one super band. we are currently hard at work recording our EP and to build a fan base go check out our single "It's All Over Now"

High Tide Low Tide

Although Colorado was the birthing place of HIGH TIDE LOW TIDE, the original three founding members are from different parts of the country. From Vegas To Detroit and all the way back to St. Louis these boys migrated to Denver meeting through fate. With three distinct and diverse musical backgrounds, A fusion of Hardcore, Ambient, and Pop Punk was formed that gives these boys a newly experimental sound that is driving them to the top.

The Coast Is Ours

We are a pop/punk/popcore band out of denver colorado!

$4.00 - $8.00


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Herman's Hideaway


Gang Of Bacon with Son Survivor, Chasing Addiction, High Tide Low Tide, The Coast Is Ours

Thursday, July 25 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 7:30 PM at Herman's Hideaway