James McMurtry is one artist who has earned his solid singer/songwriter/guitarist reputation. Critics, peers and music aficionados have long praised him as being among the strongest songwriters of his generation. His works, which range from atmospheric ballads to no-holds-barred rockers, are populated by world-weary souls often longing for something different, if no better, than what they're now enduring. Perhaps in part because of his powerful reputation as a lyricist, coupled with his stirring vocal style, McMurtry is often not given his due as a guitarist. Though not one to stoop to flash just for the sake of effect, he can rip forth with a flurry of fat-toned notes when the material demands it. In the next breath, he'll frame a tender composition with poignant lead lines.

Jonny Burke is a man on the move. After travelling through every state in the Continental U.S. over the past two years, the young musician has created his debut full length "Distance And Fortune." While the disc reflects his time on the road, these aren't your typical drivin' and cryin' road songs. This set of tunes, according to Burke, is about "not playing it safe and practical, but allowing your future to be decided by forces of distance and fortune."

The disc's genesis, in fact, resulted from some distance and good fortune. Burke, a Texas native, was hanging out in Southern California where he met, through mutual friends, guitarist/producer Marc Ford (Black Crowes, Ryan Bingham), who invited him over to his studio. "After I spent one day in the studio, I knew it was the place where these songs were supposed to be recorded with Ford producing."

Burke has spent the last couple of years crisscrossing the country playing music, either solo or with his rhythm section (drummer Alejandro Adams and bassist Ronnie Johnson). "I like being in a different place every day playing music. It agrees with me." He has been pleased to find his audiences growing as he returns to play in cities. "To be up there on stage and having that communication going back and forth between a group of people – that's the best feeling for me."

With "Distance And Fortune," Burke plans to stay out on the road and get his music out to as many people as possible through his own start-up label Dreamcar Records. "I'm going to be doing this the rest of my life," he states. "I want to keep building on that relationship between me and the music we're making and the people who will have it."

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James McMurtry with Jonny Burke

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