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Blackfoot Gypsies

Matthew Paige and Zack Murphy ARE the Blackfoot Gypsies. They are the amplifier for your heart and soul, your love and hate, your on and off, your push and pull. With caution being checked at the door, there is no room for thinking... only feeling. Breaking the lines between hipsters, punks, posers, dads, normies, cowboys, rockers, and burnouts; everyone gets stripped to the core on the floor. And no one leaves the same as they came before.
Scouting the future of the American music that has been progressing since the dawn of time. There's no stunting the Blackfoot and there's no stopping the Gypsies.
The torch has been lit and will be carried with pride, speaking up for a generation unlike any other. It's all happening here, and it's all happening now.

The Gills

The Gills are a 4 piece rock band consisting of 2 sets of brothers. The Wheeler Brothers,(Jesse and Chris)and The Prince Brothers (Matt and Andy).

Jesse was inspired to pick up a guitar and a Beatles song book when he was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 15. This was a real brush with death that took him and the whole family on quite an exhausting hike up "The Mountain". After extensive treatment ...including Chemo Therapy, he reached the peak and went into remission. He has recently celebrated 8 years cancer free.

The songwriting comes primarily from Jesse and Chris who (like the rest) were raised in a family of musicians who not only worked hard to provide, but also cultivated a love for real, rich, and soulful music.
They each have their own unique voice and writing style that work together very smoothly while upholding their individuality.

Matt and Andy make up the rhythm section, they lay a strong foundation with heavy grooves, clear dynamics, and prominent but tastefully placed expression. Due to playing together their whole musical lives, they can lock in and work as one unit. They can stand aside or whisper if needed, but when it's time to take it there, they are able and willing to dig into some serious emotion and get it all completely out.

The Gills are 4 siblings on a mission to build a dream of creating and sharing music they love, spreading hope and strength through Jesse's story, and raising money and awareness towards helping other people who are going through the absolute hell of cancer.

The main motto on stage is to pour every ounce of sweat and emotion out, and spill it into every human soul that's present.

The JAG consists of Aaron Tyler King, Joe Regan and Gant O'Brien. The band is originally based out of Jackson, Mississippi, and presently dwelling in Nashville, Tennessee. It's drummer is Scott Harper, a California native, also living in Nashville.

King, Regan and O'Brien met in the summer of 2002 in their hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, and formed a southern influenced, indie-rock band shortly thereafter. The original band name, along with its line-up, took many different forms as members came and went, as well as countless songs. After several years, the three core members grew tired of routine changes and decided to relocate and start from scratch, with a sudden and very personal crossover to soulful, psychedelic, southern rock 'n' roll, with a heavy retro influence.

In the heat of summer, 2011, they picked up their dirty, southern roots and traveled seven hours north to Nashville, Tennessee, to become contributing members of the town's thriving rock 'n' roll community. They were accompanied by Brannon Barnett, who would leave his stamp on the new band, being featured in a few recordings on guitar. Scott Harper was recruited as well, a few months after the move. Within a few more months the band had written several songs, six of which were recorded live at The Bomb Shelter studio in East Nashville.

The JAG's debut album, "Mississippi Acid Pine Highway Tour", was released in September, 2012. The album boldly showcases the bands ability to infuse soulful, southern vocal styles and melodies, with ballsy, sometimes psychedelic guitar sounds. When listened to loudly, the album effortlessly embodies the band's live sound, with a raw edge followed by a tight feel. The music video featuring their single "White Horse" will become available online Tuesday, December 4th and can be viewed at


Swayze's infectious swagger and catchy hooks may have you thinking for a moment he's one of those musicians born in the wrong era. But as quickly as that thought crosses your mind, he blends his throwback soulful vocals and bluesy rhythms into the gut-moving groove of trip-hop and psychedelia, and then you realize he revels in a sound that is simply his own. Bred on the outskirts of a small Kentucky town, near an old rubber band factory and a spray painted road, Swayze drew much of his inspiration from the musical revolution of the 60s and 70s, which evoked his own creative knack. And as the son of wrestler "Beautiful" Bruce Swayze, there was no lack of a natural ability for showmanship. "endlessly entertaining." - No Country for New Nashville

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Blackfoot Gypsies, The Gills, The JAG, Swayze

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