Detroit’s ADULT. (Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller) began their unpredictable path with one now totally obscure 12”. The “Modern Romantics” 12” was recorded under the name PLASMA Co. and released on the now defunct German label Electrecord in 1998. They quickly changed their name to the more fitting ADULT. and in the same year released their second 12” Dispassionate Furniture on their own label Ersatz Audio (which they had started back in 1995). Three 12”s followed, including the highly sought after “New-Phonies” limited edition picture disc on the Dutch imprint Clone Records which introduced the now unmistakable photography of Kuperus.

Things began to escalate for ADULT. in 2001 with the release of “Resuscitation”, their first compilation album. ADULT. was playing more shows than ever, as well as remixing artists like Tuxedomoon and Phoenecia . After two more 12”s and their first limited edition 7”, ADULT. delivered their second album “Anxiety Always” in 2003 on Ersatz Audio. Following it’s release, ADULT. embarked on their first “proper” US and European tour, followed up by three limited edition 7”s.

2005 found ADULT. ready to be discharged back into circulation with “D.U.M.E.”, a six song ep out on Chicago’s Thrill Jockey. ADULT. released their third album “Gimmie Trouble” (written in part with short-lived third member Samuel Consiglio) later that year on Thrill Jockey as well. A follow up split 7” with NUMBERS on Kill Rock Stars ended their releases for 2005, but not the live performances. 2005 saw ADULT. embarked on their most ambitious touring yet, with 81 live performances from Moscow to Miami and not stopping until 2006. ADULT. also returned back to their “odd couple” status with the departure of Consiglio early that year. 2007 included the release of their fourth album “Why Bother?” (Thrill Jockey), new music videos created by ADULT. and another world tour.

In 2008, ADULT. premiered their new silent-experimental-short-horror film DECAMPMENT at the Detroit Institute of Arts accompanied by their own peculiar electronic horror music especially scored and performed live for the film. ADULT. also took their film/performance to the Anthology Film Archives in New York City and to the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles. DECAMPMENT was written, produced and directed by ADULT. In conjunction with the film, ADULT. released the DECAMPMENT TRILOGY, an extremely limited 7” series released on their own label ERSATZ AUDIO. Three 7”s (each strictly limited to 100 copies) tell the story of DECAMPMENT through music, lyrics and photographs. Each hand numbered limited edition 7” came with a signed and hand numbered limited edition 16” x 20” photographic print from Nicola Kuperus. A very adventurous project to say the least. ADULT. ended 2008 with a four song EP entitled “Let’s Feel Bad Together” (Ersatz Audio).

In 2009, ADULT. scored the sound track to the feature film OPEN, and they also began to focus more on their individual art practices (Kuperus/Photography & Miller/Painting). In 2010, ADULT. complete two more short films that they create and score: TRADITIONS & POSSESSION. These two films complete a trilogy ADULT. have been working on since the creation of DECAMPMENT in 2008. This 113 minute film and live soundtrack presentation is taken to the Anthology Film Archives in NY, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Toronto’s Music Gallery and Distrital Film Festival in Mexico City.

In 2012, Ghostly International re-issue their seminal fist album “Resuscitation” on vinyl along with a new 7” containing two cover songs. Currently, ADULT. are preparing to release their fifth studio album “The Way Things Fall” on Ghostly International (May 2013). Much more is to come…

Soft Metals

LA's Soft Metals formed in 2009 after Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall met at a DJ night and connected over their obsession with analog synthesizers and the shadowy, sultry, untamed expressions of underground electronic music. Their early collaborations paired Patricia's delicate vocals and introspective lyrics with Ian's solo sketches. Soon they moved on to writing music together, building songs from wild, improvised sessions in Ian's home studio. Their genre blurring brand of voltaic pop draws inspiration from a spectrum a sources including krautrock, synth wave, and techno. They've won over audiences in situations as varied as experimental noise shows in dingy basements, to sleek, modern nightclubs, to clandestine after hours warehouse parties, to dimly lit dives where post punk and synthpop records fuel the dance floor.

Soft Metals found a home on Brooklyn's Captured Tracks with the 2010 EP The Cold World Melts. The following year Hicks and Hall presented us with their debut self-titled long player, an album steeped in driving beats, maximalist textures, and the perfect placement of Hall's atmospheric vocals.

July 2013 will see the release of Soft Metals' next installment, Lenses, a continuation of their ethos, aiming directly at your body and subconscious mind with an intimacy that only lovers can bring.

Flaamingos are the latest signing to Felte, and their music drags the classic sounds of their favorite bands into the 21st century, in the process creating a sound that's entirely their own. In fact, it's the work of a bunch of (black-clad) Angelenos. Pounding analog drum machines. Rumbling basslines that are as moody as they are thoroughly danceable. Atmospheric washes of echo-laden synth textures. Jangling guitar sounds. And choruses that resonate with emotion. Today The Fader premieres the second album single "Walk a Wire," a track that balances upbeat melodicism with a brooding outlook. It's on Soundcloud here. The new album cut arrives close on the heels of "All I Wanna Do Is Live," the album's first cut. Their debut album Flaamingos is set for an August 27th release on Felte.

Listening to Flaamingos' self-titled debut album, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it might come from the north of England, or somewhere else where the skies are consistently leaden and everybody always wears black. The band was formed by Jerry Narrows (vocals, drum programming) and Daniel Koontz (guitar, bass, synth) — the two played together in psych and shoegaze bands as youngsters, before going their separate ways and working in other musical projects for a time.

They bumped into one another at an Echo Park party spot in 2011, and decided to collaborate again — this time, however, their work involved crafting a new sound that would include traces of their past psych/shoegaze inclinations, but also drew on newer-found love for krautrock, post-punk, synth pop and new romantic shimmer. As Narrows told LA's TPR Mag last year, "We have both post-punk and psychedelic sensibilities. I’d say we’re heavily influenced by the poppier side of both 'genres.' Of course we have our influences but in the end we’re not really going for such a specific target with our sound — we're trying to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

This is certainly a description that fits the band's self-titled debut album. Its music runs a gamut from dancefloor-friendly synthpop ("Digital Dialogue") through brooding post-punk ("All I Want to Do Is Live") to dark, rhythmic atmospherics ("Fractured Love"). As a whole, the sound of a band who have relentlessly honed their aesthetic — often at the iconic Part Time Punks night at The Echo in Echo Park, a de facto home to LA's post-punk scene and a second home to Flaamingos. Now they're ready to take that vision to the world.

DJ Michael Stock (Part Time Punks)

Michael Stock is a Part Time Professor and a Part Time Punk—which means he is the DJ (and promoter & band booker & poster/flier-maker) at two weekly clubs in Los Angeles: PART TIME PUNKS every Sunday at The Echo (since 2005) & PUNKY REGGAE PARTY every Friday at La Cita (since 2006). Since 2006, he has also hosted the critically acclaimed Part Time Punks radio show on KXLU (88.9FM/ every Thursday from 3-6pm PST. Michael spins strictly vinyl and mostly the sounds of DIY and independently-released records circa 1978-present (meaning you could at any time hear punk, post-punk, minimal synth, Krautrock, industrial, indiepop, twee and/or shoegaze sounds). For awhile, he was also writing a monthly column on vinyl records called “The Bins” for Flaunt Magazine, which was something like a cross between Lester Bangs and Theodor Adorno. But now, he’s at work on his second graphic novel (while Scott Hampton illustrates the first). Along the way, he has taught a number of courses on Punk, Comic Books and even things like Writing, Film Aesthetics and Drama at places like UCLA, UC-Irvine, Loyola Marymount and, for the past three years, CalArts.

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