Shots' firing overhead, out of breath, thankful to be alive, an exhausted, courageous soldier takes cover in a nearby trench. Overcome with tragedy, the cadet looks down to carefully remove his worn down combat boots to discover his feet numb and blue, knocking him back with an overwhelming smell of decay and gangrene. This phenomenon is known as "jungle rot". With a little imagination, visualize this horrifyingly grotesque predicament as it would be in heavy metal form - teeming with despair, brutality, darkness and volatility. The sinister picture you have just painted comes to life in four-piece death metal act JUNGLE ROT, who has been triumphantly destroying the metal scene since 1994.


When mankind is long gone, the Earth will be inhabited with vermin by the millions. Vermillion is a 4 piece band that plays BRUTAL GROOVE-LADEN DEATH METAL.

Burial of an Era

Burial of an Era is a Technical Death Metal band from Madison, Wisconsin.

Burial of an Era formed in the winter of 2001 when guitarists Peter Rebholz and David Natvig met through a musicians billboard on the Internet and quickly started writing songs. Around February of 2002, drummer Brian Loomis, whom David knew from a previous band, joined and the three have been the core of Burial of an Era ever since, creating a brutal blend of melody, speed, technicality and emotion. American and Scandinavian death and black metal bands have influenced their music: Suffocation, Monstrosity, Nile, Origin, Theory in Practice, Emperor and Dimmu Borgir are a few.

The band has experimented with two different lead vocalists before they decided that Peter and David would take on the vocal responsibilities. They have also practiced with a myriad of bassists who, for one reason or another, fail to become permanent members. However in February of 2004, bassist Bryan Marks, previously of Halcyon, joined the band.

After a long hiatus, Burial of an Era reformed in 2010 and started working on writing new material in addition to rehearsing older songs. Vocalist Derek Scholler joined the band in 2011. Burial of an Era recorded a three song demo during the spring and summer of 2012. Since then, Derek and Bryan left the band while Tony West joined to perform vocals.

Descending The Heavens

Descending The Heavens is the hybridization of the death metal genre with influences of subgenres such as black metal, deathcore, thrash, progressive, mathcore and djent. Every member has their own eclectic taste of music which brings variety to the band to give it an explosive, unique sound. Formed in early summer 2007, D.T.H. became plagued with discord and could no longer be a band.. But alas, in April 2011, four years later from the prior start of the band, James Klopstein gathered area musicians to try to give life to this decayed band. After countless member changes and trenches in the road to hell. Finally, they shall descend the heavens once more and reign with their fellow metal brethren in the state of Wisconsin.

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Jungle Rot with Vermillion, Burial of an Era, Descending The Heavens

Sunday, August 4 · 9:00 PM at High Noon Saloon