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Brooklyn foursome Motive are tightly-crafted rock with rich harmonies, and have been catching the attention of the few who have already heard them. They’ve been giving away their recently recorded first studio demo, a trio of songs that will turn heads from across the room, even if it’s pretty loud in there.

NO the band from Echo Park - Los Angeles began as a home recording project in July 2011. In a small house on Mohawk Street a group of friends gathered to explore music free from any agenda.

The outcome was a sound that has been dubbed ‘post-hymnal anthematic’, and has instilled a collective desire that even for a brief moment perhaps all within earshot might feel unified.

In November 2011 the debut EP ‘Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever’ was released to critical acclaim. NME featured NO as ‘Ones to Watch’ and TIME Entertainment included NO as one of the 11 ‘Great Bands You Don’t Know Yet But Should’.

NO spent 2012 touring the US and later supporting Father John Misty on a 25-date European tour, racking up in excess of 100 live shows since the EP’s release.

This year, after setting SXSW alight with a series of shows, selling out The Troubadour, and putting the finishing touches to their stunning debut LP, the band are ready to claim 2013 as their own.

‘Don’t Worry, You’ll Be Here Forever’, is available for free download at

Ace Reporter

One new song every day for all of 2010. That's how it began: I wrote and recorded an original track every 24 hours. When it was all done, I put some of the best tracks on four EPs, which you can download for free. Then in 2011, I went into the mountains with a few friends and recorded an album based on my favorite songs from the threesixfive project. That album, Yearling, will be released soon...


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