EL CID Flamenco Dinner Theater presents: Angelita Concierto Flamenco

Angelita Concierto Flamenco

El Cid has always been a Hollywood institution, the place to see and be seen, the place to hear the music of another time and see the dance of an exotic and far off culture. Every Saturday, listen to the calling of the castanets and let yourself be transported back to the Golden Age of Hollywood with Angelita’s Concierto Flamenco. Angelita is a pioneer of the LA Flamenco scene. Her show has been a staple at El Cid for the past 50 years and features traditional Flamenco and popular pieces from the Classical Spanish repertoire.



Celebrating 50 Years of Flamenco at El Cid. We welcome Angelita to our stage! Angelita is a must see and one of the original curators of El Cid. **Please call us to reserve your table at 323 668 0318.

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