Left Standing

Left Standing

Rising from the bright lights of Las Vegas, comes Sin City's newest rock sensation - Left Standing.
Established in 2005, this cutting edge rock act is assembled by determination, motivation, and the love
of music. Driven by different influences, Left Standing transforms into one energy on stage. The band
consists of five talented musicians, Danny Pino (lead vocals), Chris Pino (bass, vocals), Beau Stewart
(guitar, vocals), Matt Bruenig (guitar, vocals), Zak Weidle (drums). Left Standing serves up a welcome dose
of Alternative Rock as well as incredible acoustic sets. The performance and sound production of the
guitars, bass and drums are first-rate and create vibrant and memorable rock rhythms. They are a group
that knows no boundaries and whose apparent mission is to entertain their audience. This act puts their
mark on several different styles, making each their own. Definably a rock act, they also venture into pop,
alternative, punk and even a little blues. However, whats most impressive is that there strong in every
style and give their all on every song. Left Standing is one of the newest breakout rock groups to come
out of the Las Vegas music scene. Their presence on the national scene is begging to grow, with new
fans across the globe due to the internet. In a recent press release, the group offers their formula for
success; "we set out to make music we enjoy and can feel proud of playing music that we like and want
to listen to. As soon as you start thinking beyond that, about wanting to keep up with the Jones's or
about fitting in with somebody else's format , that's when you lose the map. So we've just done what we
do, and tried to have fun doing it." Left Standing has released two incredible albums, with their own
unique style and sound. In 2005 the group launched their debut release Life I Stereo, which featured the
popular singles "Sorry" and "No One Wins." In 2007 they followed up with the release of The Living Room
Sessions which included acoustic tracks such as "Holding The Weight" and "American Anthem." Keep an
eye out for thier newest release in 2010 "What it Takes".

Bravo Delta

Bravo Delta is an American rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Their debut album "Sunset Wasteland" was released on February 28, 2012.
Emotive. Passionate. Intelligent. Hard working. These are terms that just begin to describe Bravo Delta, a four piece modern rock band from southern California, whose music has been labeled "subjective and emotive yet irrepressibly accessible". Big hooks and radio-ready polish, with "a dark undercurrent of cut-throat exasperation" that can leave a listener singing, dancing, or thinking.
The origins of Bravo Delta date back to 2007, as singer/guitarist Brandon Davis began writing and recording songs, simply with an acoustic guitar. Having a blueprint in his mind of how each song would eventually develop past the acoustic, he played countless shows by himself in many cities across the Midwest and West Coast. Refusing to settle and demanding the right fit for a backing band, he remained patient and continued to write and play shows, until late 2011. That's when he started to collaborate with longtime friend Andy Ingraham, a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Andy's ability to provide tasteful textures and intelligent solos, all while complimenting the original melody that Brandon had written, was instantly noticeable and appreciated. Together the two began redeveloping the material, giving it the identity that Brandon had always envisioned.
After playing an acoustic set at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA, Brandon was approached by drummer Scott Decker, whose band was also playing that night, and extended an offer to play for Brandon if he ever needed it. Scott instantly saw the passion, drive, and songwriting ability that Brandon possessed, and wanted to be a part of it. After a couple jam sessions, it was noticeably a perfect fit. Scott's ability to understand the dynamics of each song was a big selling point, and continues to be a noticeably positive attribute to this day. His onstage energy is undeniable, as you see him screaming out the words along with Brandon, flipping sticks, and putting on a show behind his drum kit.
The final piece of the puzzle was found with bassist Ryan Flores. Having been a part of many previous signed and touring bands, Ryan had the experience and mentality Brandon was looking for. The two are also involved in side project The Accident Experiment, consisting of Marcos Curiel (P.O.D.) and Ernie Longoria (Sprung Monkey), so the onstage energy and chemistry was already there. It was a perfect fit, as Ryan immediately understood the dynamics, melody, and ideas that the band strives to deliver. In a very short time, the project has matured and evolved from one man's idea to a full fledged modern rock powerhouse, producing a sound that one media publication calls "a ten out of ten…an A+".
Bravo Delta self released its debut album "Sunset Wasteland" on February 28th, 2012 and has gained success with both critics and fans alike. Songs such as "Not Enough", "Loose Cannon", and "Already Gone" are getting spins on Internet radio, satellite radio, and commercial terrestrial radio, and program directors are taking notice. One said "their sound is reflective of the radio giants played on heavy rotation nationwide". At this time the band is on a tour that covers most of the western half of the United States. For more information, please visit http://www.bravodeltamusic.com/.

Red Oblivion

Red Oblivion is a rock band based out of Boston Massachusetts, USA, with backgrounds in a multitude of styles including classical, metal, world music, pop and electronic. Red Oblivion blends a traditional lineup with the heaviness of amplified cello in an evolving passionate collaboration.

Eden Rayz started playing cello at age 4, by 14 she was performing in Cleveland's Contemporary Youth Orchestra, recording a live album/ DVD with the multi-platinum band Styx. Soon after, her string arrangements of rock songs were published professionally. Eden earned a scholarship to Berklee, where she, once again, stood out and was recruited to arrange and perform for Vinnie Ferra and record for Wyclef Jean. Recently Eden was commissioned to compose for professional chamber ensembles, most recently The Almeda Trio in Cleveland OH. The first movement of her Piano Trio was premiered on Winter Solstice of 2010 in the Cleveland Observatory and was written to include algorithms expressing the astronomical ratios of stars. Critics called the piece "violent…minimalism, combined with heavy metal" –She has been commissioned to compose a second and third movement.

Emma Torres is an American raised in Mexico City and Madrid Spain. When Emma was 12 she turned to the guitar to express her feelings of not being from anywhere. By age 16, she was performing on the Vans Warped Tour, touring Mexico with her punk metal band. At 18 she entered Berklee, as a guitar principle, conquering her instrument and mastering genres beyond her love of rock and metal. A recent Berklee graduate, she realized that she wanted to, once again, grace the stage with her guitar virtuosity.

Zach Adams was born in Queens, New York and was introduced to punk music by his grandmother, who made t-shirts for The Ramones. Zach eventually moved to Las Vegas, where he began his career fronting many local rock and punk bands. It was the summer of 2008, and Zach entered the 5-week program at Berklee College of Music. His talent stood out and he was awarded a scholarship to the college, which he accepted after graduating high school in 2009.


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