Joyce Manor

Four tired guys with a taste for bad chinese food, Thin Lizzy guitar solos, and calling "shotgun". Some people have called them the smartphone of modern rock.

Glocca Morra are an American indie-rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band current line-up consists of vocalist/guitarist Zach Schartz, drummer Arik Dayan, guitarist Nate Dione and bassist JP Casanova. The band originally formed in 2008 as a three-piece, naming themselves after the traditional Irish folk song “How Are Things In Glocca Morra?” The town in question is fictional. The original line-up of Schartz, Dayan and Casanova met in Miami at university, before relocating to Philadelphia in order to be closer to their desired scene.

To date, the band have released one studio album - 2012’s Just Married - along with a seven-inch (Ghoul Intentions), an EP (An Obscure Moon Lighting An Obscure World), a retrospective compilation (A Collection Of Songs That We Don’t Play Anymore) and split seven-inches with The Greek Favourites and Summer Vacation.

Radiator Hospital

We are a rock band of rockers who love to rock. We also can be just one person who is much quieter but still loves to rock.

$10.00 - $12.00

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First Unitarian Church


Joyce Manor with Glocca Morra, Holy Death, Radiator Hospital

Wednesday, August 14 · Doors 7:30 PM / Show 8:00 PM at First Unitarian Church

Tickets Available at the Door