St. James and The Apostles

St. James and The Apostles

3 cousins playing some apocalyptic gospel

"Philly garage rock trio St. James & The Apostles have a big sound for just three guys. You can attribute some of that to Mike Kiker on keyboards, who plays Ray Manzerek style, juggling both bass lines and higher-end lead parts. Certainly Jeff Castner’s thundering drums are another component, as well as frontman Jamie Mahon, whose voice bellows and guitar rips. ... They’re part Doors, part Supergrass, part spiritual." - John Vettese, WXPN's The Key


yeah, it's dark over here. and hell, it's dark over there too... so how you gonna get to the other side? ain't no zipboat gonna get you across in one piece and it ain't gonna happen overnight. it takes keepers of the light; those who know the maps of the flow and how to set smooth when there's trouble ahead; trouble behind. lightning arms throw thunderous pummel, chops from rocky hands and an electric werewolf, goddamn! it's no straight shot through muddy waters it's heavy metal wires strung strong and tight through the turbulent night and you gotta sit tight and you gotta stay tough 'cause the going gets rougher when you get to the center of the hurricane; it takes nine eyes. there are but a few left who can make it and even fewer who can take it. three in the know, amulets a'glowing, who run this wizardship, and any trip could be your last but it ain't gonna be theirs.

The Company Corvette

"Heavy riff-spewing, groove-laden, psychedelically inclined, occasionally laid back, mostly loud, wah-wah-drenched, stoner rock-gone-metal-and back.... est. 2006, Philadelphia, PA. The Company Corvette's got its third album in the works.... got new tunes... wanna race?"



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Johnny Brenda's


St. James and The Apostles with Gondola, The Company Corvette

Saturday, August 17 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:15 PM at Johnny Brenda's