Ceremony, Joyce Manor

Ceremony are a punk band from Rohnert Park, California, just outside of San Francisco. Their three albums on the Deathwish and Bridge 9 labels are widely seen as the most compelling, unusual and progressive hardcore of the last five years.

For their Matador debut Zoo, produced by John Goodmanson (Blood Brothers, Sleater-Kinney, Girls, Weezer), the band have refined their jagged sound while continuing to pursue themes of exurban alienation and confinement.

Zoo explores punk and post-punk traditions: the rhythm section remains as tense and propulsive as ever, while guitarist Anthony Anzaldo moves with ease from ringing power chords to stealthy leads reminiscent of Gang of Four and The Cramps. Ross Farrar's future primitive vocals sometimes recall Pink Flag or Metal Box, ranging from a melodic howl to a muttered incantation.

The result is gripping and indelible.

If you ask the guys of Joyce Manor to describe themselves, they’ll tell you the band is "four guys who have a taste for bad Chinese food, Thin Lizzy guitar solos, and calling ‘shotgun’." But one listen to their infectiously catchy pop-punk reveals them as much, much more than that. Joyce Manor deconstructs punk rock to its most catchy core with Weezer-esque pop sensibilities and gigantic hooks that beg you to sing along.

After releasing a demo and a split 7", the band released their first self-titled full-length in 2011 on 6131 Records to critical acclaim, with Punknews bestowing upon the band the honour of 2011 Album of the Year. At the tail end of last year in the midst of a touring schedule that saw them criss-crossing the United States, the band began recording their second full length. ‘Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired’ is out now.

They joined 6131 Records in 2010. Their self-titled, full-length debut was released in 2011 to a host of critical and fan praise, and it landed the band on many year-end best-of lists. Joyce Manor moved over to Asian Man Records for their next album, Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired, released in April 2012. This album contains a cover of Video Killed the Radio Star.

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Ed Schrader lives in Baltimore, Maryland where he spends his time fueling his David Bowie obsession and releasing songs through the Wham City arts collaborative alongside fellow Baltimore resident Dan Deacon. With only a handful of demos available online, it's anyone's guess what exactly to expect from this multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire—if his two demo songs are any indication, get ready for minimalist psychedelic punk with Schrader's high pitch vocals and fuzzed out, lo-fi distortion.

Glocca Morra

Quiet and loud, screamy and melodic, Glocca Morra pummel you with a skillful abandon. Much akin to a band like Bear Vs. Shark who could so perfectly walk those opposing tightropes, Glocca Morra are blurring the lines of post-hardcore note by note and scream by scream. You can get the band's Museum Mouth EP for just $2 and it is packaged inside of a brown paper bag with hand drawn art. Can anybody say hell yeah!?

Conceived in Iraq, the back of a van hurtling across the desert, Mississippi, and the leaf shrouded seclusion of a Mount Pleasant basement, GIVE has existed in one form or another for close to five years. We played our first show in November of '08, since then we have played many shows in many places. We've had three recording sessions, all with Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA


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Ceremony, Joyce Manor with Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Glocca Morra, Give

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