Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans

King of Jeans. The title of Pissed Jeans’ third album and second for Sub Pop conjures their essence perfectly—-masters of the mundane, beasts of the banal, high priests of the humdrum. These four, white, male high school graduates hardly look further than their own appendages for artistic inspiration, content to execute their own brand of brash and heavy punk music in the Joe Carducci-approved standard rock formation of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. From simple minds and simple fabrics comes this King of Jeans, perhaps also a slight nod to the variety of Pissed Jeans-inspired groups that have crawled up since 2007’s Hope for Men. After all, there can be only one. If 2005’s Shallow was Pissed Jeans coping with moving out of their parents’ homes, and 2007’s Hope for Men their initial reaction to the mechanical lifestyle of a wage-earner, King of Jeans is their formal and uneasy acceptance of adulthood. The age gap between the members of Pissed Jeans and high school girls is no longer something to be overlooked—-they hoped for men, and sometimes you get what you wish for. Backs get sore easier and stay sore longer, record collections have reached their breaking point or have been sold entirely, and procreating is becoming a more pressing issue. What are you supposed to do when you are unable to break out of the standard, middle-class American life cycle that you never really wanted but don’t have the energy to subvert? When you are forced to understand that it’s all madness but know fully well that someone will have to take care of our aging parents? Well, Pissed Jeans went ahead and made one hell of a rock record…

UltraMantis Black

UltraMantis Black has waged many battles. As a professional wrestler, he has fought a never ending array of opponents worldwide, hell-bent on usurping the Great & Devious insectoid leader of The Order of the Neo Solar Temple. In his quest to decimate the unconscionable and depraved current state of the cultural grappling landscape, he has guided his Spectral Envoy of the Final Judgement through space and time as they deal out justice in the guise of revenge towards those who desire to harm and exploit the vulnerable and voiceless. Now, UltraMantis Black takes his struggle to a new level. Backed by a cadre of anonymous musicians/warriors, UMB seeks to further spread his gospel through a relentless musical assault of hardcore cacophony. His message is a simple declaration of war. A godless jihad against those who continue to systematically enslave, torture, and murder the Earth and all innocent and sentient life that exists upon it. Clear missives of animal, earth, and human liberation delivered under the secretive cloak of lucha libre to the soundtrack of blasting audio terrorism. This is UltraMantis Black.



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Pissed Jeans with Big Mouth, UltraMantis Black

Wednesday, August 28 · Doors 9:00 PM / Show 9:30 PM at Morgan’s Pier