All Eyes West

All Eyes West

"All Eyes West featured the "man of a thousand bands" Jeff Dean on guitar. They had a 90's post-hardcore sound that would fit in well on the Dischord label with really catchy yet loud guitars that drove the songs and some great bass lines. Their singer has this really great voice that was raspy yet melodic in the way that Jawbreaker was in the 1990s. If you mix the loud Chicago punk guitar sound with that early 1990's DC sound you know what these guys were like. They were really, really good and should have played third. Hopefully these guys stick around and play more often as they are one of the best bands around the city today and a breath of fresh, yet familiar air compared to what's popular these days." - Michael Vinikour,

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All Eyes West with Great Apes, Other Band

Wednesday, July 17 · Doors 9:00 PM at Gabe's