Mammoth Life

Mammoth Life is a female fronted, dream-pop quartet from San Francisco. Soaked in reverb with coursing organ and electric guitar, this band falls somewhere between Weezer's Blue and current releases by Tennis and Beach House. ML's debut LP will be out July 31st via Satisfying Records.

Giggle Party

Giggle Party was formed in Dallas, Texas and after garnering a dedicated cult following for their raucous live performances and feel-good, borderline absurdest breed of pop-punk, they have relocated to San Francisco.

Giggle Party think of themselves as a musical extension of the Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist movements; believing that making music doesn’t require you to be serious.

Animal Friend

Animal Friend was born over the course of several years in San Francisco. The head came out full of wiggling feelers, bass guitars and drum rolls. Her parents were surprised when the body emerged looking more like a synthesizer. Last were the various appendages, still shaky, but clutching tambourines, and more synthesizers. Over time, she has grown into quite a beast. At times, her penetrating, lonely cry can be heard from across city at night. At other times, she coos softly, like a flute. Gentle at a distance, but muscular and even dangerous in person, she now rides a bicycle on stage.

Here's what The Bay Bridged had to say about a recent field recording:

"That still may not give you a good sense of where these guys come from, but when you make kick ass music as funky and lively as Animal Friend does, none of that stuff matters. They recently released a single "Sunset" that will make it hard for you to sit still, with a driving beat topped with falsettos and synths all over the place. Their earlier release, an EP entitled Feelers Out, follows a similar formula that works perfectly."

Host/DJ Neil Martinson

spins Psych, Soul, Glam, Bubblegum, Laserboogie and such like...



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Mammoth Life with Giggle Party, Animal Friend, Li Xi, Host/DJ Neil Martinson

Wednesday, July 31 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at Brick & Mortar Music Hall