Rotary Downs

Rotary Downs

Rotary Downs is currently rolling out its spanking new collection of songs, Cracked Maps & Blue Reports , with a nationwide release date of March 9, 2010. The band is currently booking West Coast dates for the early summer, after its 4th Jazz & Heritage Festival appearance. In the late summer and fall, Rotary Downs will tour the East Coast, including stops in New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston.

Previous to Cracked Maps & Blue Reports , the band has released four albums: Chained to the Chariot , Quitters EP, Long After the Thrill , and Rotary Downs. NPR described Rotary Downs' last album, Chained to the Chariot , as "a stunning collection of psychedelic art pop songs that plays like a brilliant mash up of Neutral Milk Hotel and Odelay-era Beck." When one imagines music from New Orleans, brass bands, R&B singers, and jazz pianists may come to mind, but Rotary Downs delivers an unlikely sound of noisy, fuzzy, psychedelic song-craft that is simultaneously original and intrinsically New Orleans.

Sweet Crude

On est originaire de la Louisiane du sud. On voudrait montrer au monde que on peut faire de la musique progressive qui adopte la tradition francophone de cette région icitte. On est après rejoindre un group petit mais fervent des Louisianais jeunes engagés en garder la langue pertinente par l'art. D'ailleurs, on voudrait boire du whisky et danser tout le temps.

We are indigenous to South Louisiana. We would like to show the world that we can make progressive music that also embraces this region's French-speaking tradition. We are joining a small but fervent group of young Louisianians engaged in keeping the language relevant via art. Also we would like to drink whiskey and dance all the time.

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