Royal Bangs are an American music group from Knoxville, TN. Formed in 2005, the trio is composed of Chris Rusk (drums), Ryan Schaefer (keyboard, vocals, electronics), and Sam Stratton (guitar). Royal Bangs released their debut LP We Breed Champions in 2008 through Audio Eagle Records, an independent record label founded and run by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. The following year, German label City Slang released the album in Europe where British music magazine Uncut described the record as “belting garage rock, quirky indie rock and bamboozling electronica, all served up in one smart and super-confident package, rather like a chirpier, younger, less navel-gazing Radiohead.”


Superhumanoids makes dreamy pop that shouts summery ?60s harmonies, garage rock?s raw tonality, slick new-wave electronics, and the adventurous dissonance of ?90s indie rock. originally a solo bedroom project, the la band quickly evolved into a multifaceted foursome equally focused on propulsive live performances and glimmery productions for private listening. superhumanoids? 2008 demos were passed around by pals to friends of pals, leading to remix work for an array of artists including the wombats, zebra and snake, xiu xiu, and local natives. Superhumanoids? formal debut, urgency, was released in 2010 by hit city usa (us) and oh! inverted world (uk) to acclaim from the fader, la weekly, and the guardian. "These slippery characters only got together last year and they like to combine the electronic with the organic, mixing new-fangled programming with good old-fashioned instrument-bashing. Their favorite acts include Neu!, the Beach Boys, the Strokes, the Chills, and Kate Bush, but we can't really hear their influence on Superhumanoids' debut EP, which they produced themselves. They don't really do, as you'd imagine from that list, post-Velvets krautrock surf-pop with eccentric female vocals, but they do recall several bands, often within the same song." --UK Guardian

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