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Franz Ferdinand

"Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action," the fourth studio album by Franz Ferdinand, will be released by Domino on 27th August 2013.
This exuberant, unencumbered record is the first from the Glasgow band since 2009's "Tonight." They seem to have rediscovered the imagination, vitality and fun found on their classic, era-encapsulating debut Franz Ferdinand.
Recorded over the last year at Kapranos's Scottish studio, McCarthy's Sausage Studios in London, Club Ralph and a couple of trips to Stockholm and Oslo, the LP cements their status as a unique and adventurous British band: emboldened by a decade's undreamt-of worldwide success, but still daring and defiant. It's an ecstatic rejection of the drab conventions often accompanying that level of attention and expectation.
When asked for a quote, Kapranos came back with: "The Intellect Vs The Soul, played out by some dumb band." (*) God knows what that means, but the lyrics do seem more poetic this time. There were a few interesting collaborations, but more of that later...
The ten songs that make up "Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action" take what propelled Franz Ferdinand from the incestuous Glasgow Art School world to, well, the entire world -- painterly lyrical detail, heavyweight hooks, precise aesthetic vision and that uncanny ability to marry arch artistic sensibility with pop punch -- and push it even further. The breadth of influence, musicality and invention on show here is enormous. If this is unmistakably a Franz Ferdinand record, it is as much by virtue of its sonic daring and perfectly patch-worked eclecticism as the timeless songwriting flair that has long been their calling card.
Franz Ferdinand are still Alex Kapranos, Nick McCarthy, Bob Hardy and Paul Thomson. There's still no one like them.
"Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action" will be available on CD (WIGCD255), deluxe limited edition double CD (WIGCD255X), LP (WIGLP255), via digital download (WIG255D) and a Deluxe DomMart only double LP (WIGLP255X) -- packaged in a hand numbered die-cut gatefold sleeve. The exclusive bonus disc in both the double CD and double LP, entitled "Right Notes, Right Words, Wrong Order," is a document of a thrilling live session captured at the legendary Konk Studios in London.
In addition, Domino will be releasing "Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action -- The Passport Edition." Limited to 500 worldwide, "The Passport Edition" features a deluxe edition of each physical format of the album, all 7"s and 12" singles and access to the highest quality audio files possible as well as exclusive tracks and content.
* He said something on his Twitter about being "The Last Bastard Of British Pop" which sounded better, but apparently he's "bored of that one" now.

Frankie Rose

As suggested by its sleek op-art sleeve and future-shocked title, Interstellar, Rose's next album is as welcome as departures get: an icy blend of buffered beats, cascading chords and steely synths. Don't expect an electro album, however, more like what happens when an indie rock vet spends an extended period of time alongside a proper producer – Fischerspooner collaborator Le Chev.
In other words, if Rose wanted synth lines pulled from the same Kraut-y cosmos as Vangelis and Klaus Schulze, a soundtrack-y slice of Enya or a bass line to sound like the Cure's Seventeen Seconds, it wasn't a question of "How?" so much as "When do you want to get started?"
"It's been exciting finding out what's possible," says Rose. "If I can make something sound huge or epic, why wouldn't I?"
Here's the deal then: aside from a fall tour with Dirty Beaches, Rose plans on putting 12-hour days in at the studio until her widescreen opus is completed for an early 2012 release.
"Often this album is the scene in the film when the main character is reunited with his lost love, or perhaps like a visit to another planet," explains Rose. "I want every song to be like some kind of pop song cinematic adventure."

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A ticket to dates on Franz Ferdinand’s Fall 2013 tour gets you more than entry to a show. Every ticket purchased includes a digital version of the new album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (available August 27th, 2013). The album will be delivered directly to your inbox on release date. Shortly after your purchase, you will receive instructions on how to redeem a digital download of the new single “Right Action”, in advance of release. For every ticket purchased, you’ll get:
A digital download of the new single “Right Action”, delivered 3-5 days after ticket purchase.
A digital download of Franz Ferdinand’s new album “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” delivered August 27th, 2013
Advance Tickets available at: Rotate This and Soundscapes Music

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