Old Shoe is a five-piece Roots Rock n' Roll band based out of Chicago, Illinois. Made up of talented songwriters from across the country, hailing from as far away as Alaska, the band's compositions paint a diverse landscape of American life.

The band's new album Family is not merely another notch in the belt for Old Shoe, but is more so a poignant culmination of their growth and progress since the last release in 2011. WXRT 93.1FM Chicago radio host, Richard Milne, calls it "...a big time album." In just a little over two years, Old Shoe solidified their strong lineup with keyboardist/mandolinist/vocalist Joe Day and drummer Greg Fundis, rounded the Midwest festival circuit at high-profile events like Summer Camp and Wakarusa, opened for Grammy-award winning Bruce Hornsby, and even produced 3 consecutive installments of their own festival, Shoe Fest.

The all-original 13-track release showcases the band’s diverse influences, ranging from bluegrass to prog-rock to jazz, with it all settling into a familiar comfort zone akin to one’s favorite “old shoe.” The album reaches new heights from previous releases with a star-studded guest roster featuring musicians from the Henhouse Prowlers, The Low Down Brass Band, and Chicago’s production of The Jungle Book.

Smooth Times Trio

Blues/Funk Band from Decatur, IL

Matt Livasy

Looping music is a technique that incorporates sampling of different instruments, that when added together, create an audible illusion of multiple people playing at once. I started looping right after high school with one loop pedal that allowed me to record my first CD. I quickly found that I needed more variation in order to execute multiple chord variations in each song. Without variation, the single loop sample would quickly become annoying from it's redundancy. I bought an additional loop pedal, and facing the same problem as before, purchased a third. I now use three loop stations that allow me to manipulate different chord variations in one song: verse, chorus, bridge, etc. I use a rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, guitar synthesizer, beatbox, mandolin, and miscellaneous auxiliary percussion instruments. The combination keeps a crowd interested and interactive with how a song is created layer by layer. Once the build-up process is complete, the audience enjoys the result of the final product. All sounds are organic and nothing is prerecorded.

I have played at many different types of events since the beginning of my entertainment career: house parties, holiday parties, country clubs, bars, wineries, weddings, assisted living homes, college functions, bachelor parties, street and music festivals. I have developed close relationships with the people I play for and most businesses request to have me back as they noticed their sales increased as a result of my crowd pleasing tunes. If you are a business and interested in booking a show and would like references, please call and I will furnish them upon request.

Stomache Ache and the Dukes



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Oakwood Block Party with Old Shoe with Matt Livasy, Stomache Ache and the Dukes

Saturday, June 29 · Doors 3:00 PM / Show 5:00 PM at Donnie's Homespun - Decatur