Funny Ha-Ha

Funny Ha-Ha

If you like *being* cool or just listening to people who are cool, you better come to the next Funny Ha-Ha which is stocked to the gills with storytellers, journalists, comedians and live lit stars who will be convening to delight you with their words arranged in such a way as to make you laugh heartily--all at the legendary Hideout.

$10 suggested donation (benefits proceed Sit! Stay! Read!) gets you hilarious stories and performances from Andrew Huff, Eric Spitznagel, Jenn Sodini, Anne Ford, Britt Julious, Chuck Sudo and Steve Delahoyde. Plenty of Funny Ha Ha vets and new faces as well but they're all total pros at this so make sure you make plans to see this one!

Funny Ha-Ha: The best reading in Chicago. Ever.

$5 at the door

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