Megan & Liz

Megan & Liz

Meet Megan & Liz, 17 year-old twins who share a passion for music. Megan & Liz have enjoyed performing their music since they were little girls. Megan plays the guitar, and Liz writes the lyrics. Both Megan and Liz love sharing their music on myspace and youtube. Tell them what you think of their music!

Kalin and Myles

Music's got a long history of impressive duos, from Simon & Garfunkel to Method Man & Redman. There's just something special about a tag team of two distinct personalities joining forces for a singular musical mission. That brings us to Northern California duo -- Kalin & Myles. These two forge together pop and hip hop into an irresistible and inimitable hybrid, affectionately dubbed, "Hip Pop". Meet the 21st century's premier pair.

After crossing paths at a local movie theater in 2011 and following up with each other on Facebook, Kalin & Myles began formally making music together, creating their own beats, singing, and rapping. Soon afterwards, they dropped "More Than Friends" online, and the response was instantly overwhelming. They performed shows with the likes of Megan & Liz and for San Francisco's radio station KMVQ 99.7 and slowly developed a fervent fan base. Headline gigs then started selling out. However, their 2012 debut EP Chasing Dreams elevates the playing field for them once again.

Boasting the track "On Mine Too", their "Hip Pop" sound takes the spotlight. About the track, Myles explains, "We basically want to express our feelings for a girl, but we don't know if she feels the same way. We're shy, so the song is a fun way to express that."

Then, there's the single "Go To Work", which nods to the classic Bay Area rap sound with a throbbing bass bounce. "That one is a song for the function or party," smiles Myles. "It's something to get people dancing."

In many ways, the title Chasing Dreams embodies the group's journey thus far. Kalin affirms, "It's the whole grind behind music and trying to make it. We're all Chasing Dreams, and it's amazing that our dreams are coming true for us."

Their mentality and spirit continually resound through the hyper enthusiastic ranks of fans supporting them. "We have a really close relationship with them," continues Kalin. "We engage all of them through social networks. They've been with us from the ground up, and their support strengthens us."

Ultimately, everybody's invited to join Kalin & Myles' party. "We want our fan base to make positive memories when they hear us," says Myles. "We want them to associate it with moments like finding a best a friend through music or getting through a bad day. We're so passionate and driven that we just hope our influence is a good one."

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Megan & Liz with Kalin and Myles

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