@NIGHT feat. Applescal (US Debut!)

@NIGHT feat. Applescal (US Debut!)

Applescal is an electronica producer from the Netherlands whose music
navigates both techno and IDM territories. At the tender age of 25, Applescal has
released 3 albums, as well as several other releases on Traum Schallplatten and
Manual Music. Not limited to releasing a host of records to acclaim from the likes
of Pitchfork, DJ Mag, Resident Advisor, XLR8R and more, this young producer
extraordinaire has remixed for artists like Extrawelt, Max Cooper, Telepopmusik
and Nick Warren. When he’s not busy making music, Applescal is 1/5th of online
music collective rtfkt.net & runs his own label 'Atomnation'.

My name is Chester Raj Anand. I’m from Upstate NY. I’m 20. I grew up in a small town called Red Hook. My brother got me into production at a very young age. By second grade I was used to experimenting on computer programs like Acid and Fruity Loops. I remember telling my 2nd grade teacher that Aphex Twin was my favorite.

It got to a point where I would lock myself in the basement everyday after school and make like 5 or 6 beats a day on my PC computer on fruityloops everyday until college. I’d mess with Indian tapes and records and keyboards. I never really knew about a beat scene at all. I didn’t even think that other people were doing the same thing or that this would become somewhat of a culture. I discovered people like Dilla & Dabrye

and Madlib and it all blew my mind.

I decided to make my music public on my 17th birthday. I released an experimental beat tape called “17 Years” which got the attention of people at Asthmatic Kitty and Astro Nautico. And then I did some releases for them and changed my name from InfinitiRock to Lord RAJA.

Music has always been the biggest part of my life. I have always loved experimental and electronic music. I think I liked the idea of communicating with sounds rather than lyrics since a young age because when I would hear Indian music in the car I couldn’t understand the words. I just focused on the instrumental loops and saw that as a new form of expression or reflection. I was obsessed with records and all that. I like to mess with film also. I like to mess with everything.

Heathered Pearls (DJ Set)

The ambient project Heathered Pearls was the brainchild of Polish-born Brooklynite Jakub Alexander, who had a career deeply rooted in music before he ever released any of his own. He was music “curator” for Tycho’s ISO50 blog, Tycho’s manager, a DJ under the Aarnio moniker, and, latterly, head of A&R at Ghostly International, the label that released his music. Introduced as a young man to ambient music by his mother, he loved the sound but hated the “Pure Moods” clichs often associated with it, and strove to create his own vision of the genre that avoided these. In 2004, while residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he founded the eclectic electronica netlabel Moodgadget alongside his friend Adam E. Hunt, with the aim

of “exposing the diversity in electronically made music.” Many of the label’s alumni later went on to release albums on Ghostly.

After years of daily DJ mix podcasts on ISO50 as Aarnio, in 2011 his own music was released for the first time, as a now-hard-to-find EP compilation, Polite Isle, was issued under his real name through the digital subscription-only Ghostly Music Service; then, in December 2012, the Ghostly label proper put out his debut album as Heathered Pearls, Loyal. Created to help him deal with his own anxiety and heavily inspired by his favorite experience sitting by the ocean at night the hypnotic, soothing, melodic, loop-based ambient record dropped on vinyl and digital only. ~ John D. Buchanan, Rovi

Certain Creatures (DJ Set)

Oliver Chapoy’s (ex-Warm Ghost) Certain Creatures project provides two tracks of equally gritty, arguably dance tunes perfectly suited for headphone hauntings or Halloween raves. Narrated by Ike Yard (Stuart Argabright, a.k.a. Black Rain), “Sparkle” composes the 12-inch’s A-side with a nightmarish hallucination of urban throb and ambulatory paranoia. The track is effectively split into two parts, with the first half’s amorphous din shrouds the space with disorienting intent, leaving the second half to remove the blindfold, find it’s own way and make sense of it all. Luckily, Chapoy’s refined take on impulsive yet careful synth experimentation charts a litter-strewn path paved with ephemeral static and sub-bass foundation. In this light, Chapoy and Argabright are the modernized Suicide, translating the deranged focus and grotesque beauty of the legendary NYC no wave duo into the modern era. Impossibly deep low-ends riddle the path with world collapsing scope, recalling Raime’s or Emptyset’s speaker-destroying expansions without the posturing. Argabright’s frazzled mutterings play out like a burnt-out wayfarer, dropping insights like bits of fabric from a tattered, hobo-chic shroud but with an air of class nonetheless. B-side “Bosch” wastes no time launching its spaciously careening blitz of post acid thrash and guitar trash accompaniment. - Bobby Power // Decoder Magazine

Visual by CHiKA


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@NIGHT feat. Applescal (US Debut!) with Lord Raja, Heathered Pearls (DJ Set), Certain Creatures (DJ Set), Visual by CHiKA

Friday, July 12 · Doors 11:30 PM at Glasslands Gallery

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