Unicorn Domination, Raf Vigilantics, Drala

Unicorn Domination

Thriving in the rich performance art culture of Portland, OR, is Chelsea Dixon and Clint Havard's music project Unicorn Domination. The duo weaves a soundscape of fat electronic beats spliced with melodic hooks. They demonstrate an expressive live performance, exuding a superhero persona with a popping delivery. Inspiration lies in the symbol of the Unicorn, a playful and fierce beast of the magical world.

Their self titled 2010 EP, recorded with Duncan Calver from Honey's Dead & Dunes of Bandon, invokes the dark edge of triphop and electroclash with a smooth spread of ambient synths. They are currently recording their first album where their sound has departed from dreamlike shoegaze to have more of an upbeat, dancy feel. Influenced by artists such as Goldfrapp, Lady Gaga and Outkast, Unicorn Domination utilizes the synthasizer, live drums and vocals to create unique electro/synth-pop music.

Both members collaborate to compose their original tracks. A Portland native, Chelsea Unicorn/Chelsea Dixon spent most of her early life in the visual arts, obsessively devouring music. She is a proific painter and song writer and releasing a self titled acoustic e.p. 2007. In 2009 she released an e.p. called "Autonomous Device" in the music project "Stereotech". She has worked as a studio artist recording vocals for bands such as Hockey, on the track "Learn to Loose", as well as recording vocals for San Diego based artist Jamuel Saxon, and LA based artist Benu. Her voice is resonent of bells, gliding through phases of soft and ethereal swells into sharp prescision.

Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, ClickAttack/Clint Havard's musical style and on stage thunder deeply reflect the attitude and pulse of the dirty dirty. His animated character is like a breakfast of caffeine and pop-rocks. Clint uses southern hip hop, rock, marching band, and orchestral influences to carefully weild floor shaking beats.



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Unicorn Domination, Raf Vigilantics, Drala with Scorpion Warrior, DJ Halo

Friday, July 26 · 9:00 PM at Alhambra Theatre