Vietcong Man Son

Energy Gown

Energy Gown..... an upstart drone meets psych band whose debut 7 inch I WATCH THE SUN is one of the most entrancing singles i've spun all year long......
time-warping fuzz-soaked hallucinogenic experimental rock that's cheaper and more powerful than yr next tab of acid,
let's just say ENERGY GOWN are more than ready to blown yer mind.......
forget all those bands getting hyped at Austin Psych Fest.....I WATCH THE SUN is the real deal...... garage thump washed in eastern tinged, krautrock-coated nightmare psych, ENERGY GOWN take cues from local compadres CAVE and PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SOUND, but dive head first in the vortex of SOFT MACHINE, CAN, LES RALLIZES DENUDES, AMON DUUL II, HAWKWIND and ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE.... yes !!! this is not some second rate boring psych that panders to the mainstream or merely cops a move from spacemen 3...... I WATCH THE SUN is a full on journey to the darker corners of your mind...... and though a single seems like the wrong format for a band intent of droning on and stretching out the structures of psych rock, these three songs are succinct and avoid the excess jamming that traps many good experimental bands in their own conceit....... - tiny grooves blogspot
Experimental / psychedelic

The Men From...Beyond!

Bong City cats from THREE seconds into the future!



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Vietcong Man Son with Energy Gown, Moss Folk, The Men From...Beyond!

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