The Singleman Affair

The Singleman Affair

The Singleman is gentle, dreamy psych-folk from Chicago. Dan Schneider’s acoustic guitar and voice sound as if they’ve been beamed out of the late 60s, like some lost Tim Buckley, Leonard Cohen or Fred Neil tune.

Health & Beauty

Health&Beauty is a long-standing musical project based in Chicago under the direction of Brian J Sulpizio (guitar/vocals), a recordist responsible for records by musicians like Mines, Tim Daisy, Christmas Bride, Wishgift, Caroline Davis, Tiger Hatchery, Hush Arbors, Daniel Levin, Names Divine, Lechuguillas, Double Morris, Jeff Kimmel, Matt Weston, Bill MacKay, Carol Genetti and many others. The live and recorded group features a rotating cast of Fun People like Ben Boye (Bonnie "Prince" Billy, The Cairo Gang), Quin Kirchner (NOMO, Wild Belle), Frank Rosaly, Mark Riordan (Wishgift, Xiu Xiu), Angie Ma (Murdertron), Andrew Young (Tiger Hatchery, Mines), Sam Henry (Plastic Boner Band), Brian Labycz (Green Pasture Happiness), and many others.

Health&Beauty covers a lot of musical ground and has made some different kinds of records, from the intensely produced WINTERMAGIC (Perilous Records); to the stripped cabaret-style OUR LADY (Perilous Records); to the quiet touchy-feely GUNS (Teen River); to the droney GARGANTUA&PANTAGRUEL (pending release). Live shows range from solo acoustic performances to electric guitar/drums duets to quintets; manufactured to appeal to the elite of New York, the elite who are beautiful, thin, anorexic, neurotic, sophisticated, don't smoke, have abortions tri-yearly, are antiseptic, live in lofts or penthouses, this superior species of humanity who read Harper's and The New Yorker.

Some other musicians, an appreciation of whom might indicate a stronger potential appreciation of the music of Health&Beauty: Neil Young, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen, Sonny Sharrock, Jim O'Rourke, St Vincent, Daniel Knox, Dirty Projectors, Ali Ag Amoumine, Getatchew Mekurya, Floyd, Steely Dan, Beyonce, Wilco, Leadbelly, Boyd Rivers.

The members of Health&Beauty are mostly very poor and consequently things like photographs are not taken as often as they ought to be, so these down here below will have to do for now.

El Is a Sound of Joy


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The Singleman Affair with Health & Beauty, El Is a Sound of Joy

Saturday, July 20 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Hideout

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