Chris Plowman, The Brian Wheat Band, She She, The Werewolverine

Chris Plowman

Raised between very urban(Austin, TX) and very rural(NW Arkansas) settings, with a seemingly limitless spectrum of musical and cultural influence, my music varies greatly across the board...everything from adolescent punk, gypsy rock, hip-hop, and grungy angst to classical, folk, rock, jazz, and songwriters' sentiments. A self-taught musician, I rely primarily on my ear and intuition for musical direction and composition Currently residing in Madison, WI, and am more recently focused on my solo material, Though I love any supportive role in bands, regarding drums, bass, or guitar and backing vocals.

The Brian Wheat Band

Brian Wheat, Minneapolis, MN songwriter, is Looking Alive again. With a new touring band, three albums, years of live shows and touring behind him, and a recent switch to electrifying his playing, Wheat’s performances are more lively, honed, and engaging than ever.

Brian’s breezy, soulful melodies, poignant lyrics, and tasty lead guitar playing are fueled by being raised on 50's pop, classic rock and country that played as the soundtrack for a thousand family road trips. Since 2005 he has performed his unique brand of porch swing rock everywhere from Fijian villages and Australian hostels to East coast and Midwest club tours and festivals, giving Wheat's songs an undeniable worldly fortitude. His songwriting patently explores human connect and disconnect, stories of unbounded love, passion similar to that of a Tom Robbins protagonist, and the pain of forever searching for it. All of which sentiments percolate effortlessly through his smooth, dynamic, and evocative voice.

Wheat’s 2007 CD, Where You Have Been, was a collection of rootsy songs exploring themes of love and loss that were written and recorded upon his return from a brief residency in Spain. The album received critical acclaim in Wheat’s hometown of Buffalo, NY, earning Top 10 End of the Year status at NPR-affiliate WBFO as well as Wheat being named Best Solo Artist by Buffalo Spree magazine that year. For his sophomore release, Looking Alive (2011), Wheat looked beyond the rural themes and acoustic nature of his debut to capture the energy of his transition to urban living. The album has a sultry morning vibe and foreshadows Brian’s current electrified incarnation of himself. After transplanting to Minneapolis, MN Wheat began performing solo throughout the Midwest and added old Western NY friends Jerritt Wahrendorf (drums) and Blake Propst (Bass) to his touring crew. Currently, they are building a 4th album that will no doubt be a lively musical reflection of Wheat’s journey through new territory and personal landscapes.

She She

Early in the spring of 2013, deep in the belly of MadTown, Julia and Dana fulfilled their cosmic destiny to meet...and almost immediately, SHESHE happened. When you let two curly-haired chicks-with-riffs play with toys that make noise you end up with a hard-yet-sweet sound and a light twist of good-n-dirty. Recognized as a finalist and two-time winner of Madison Area Music Awards for Best String Instrumentalist since 2009, Julia McConahay's super sweet violin sounds have radiated throughout the music of Mark Croft, Madison Greene, Little Marsh Overflow, Compass Rose, and Whiskey Doll. In addition to releasing a solo album in 2010, Julia has also been featured on multiple award-winning albums and independent short-film soundtracks. As if that's not enough, she will likely rock your face off with some of her moving originals whose lyrics and guitar progressions reflect her unique violin player intuition. Meanwhile, somewhere on another planet covered in corn fields, Dana Perry was rockin' any stage she stepped out on. After years of both professional and personal training in various musical fields, she brought her focus to the guitar and developed her own style. Combine that with poignant song lyrics and Earth-shaking powerhouse vocals and she's quite a force. Then outta nowhere, Shannon Callaway decided she was gonna give these chicks a much desired backbone by throwing down on drums. Watch out though, with decades of experience, she shreds on guitar too... Throw em all together, then shove them deep in your ears. WARNING: you may feel a little...different.

The Werewolverine

Quiet lo-fi folkish rockish music from rural Wisconsin.

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Chris Plowman, The Brian Wheat Band, She She, The Werewolverine

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