Chic: The Series - Pilot World Premier

Chic: The Series - Pilot World Premier

Chic is a comedy-drama web series currently in production. It will be shot entirely in the state of Wisconsin, with the first 6 episodes set for release in 2013.

Margo and Gwen have had enough. After five years of directing and starring in adult films at a manipulative, money-focused production company, they’re striking out on their own. Along with their austere director of photography, Cyrus, they decide to chase their dream: producing an independent film that combines good story, character development, a powerful message…and sex.

Along the way, they must endure difficult actors, financing woes, elitist indie producers and conservative zealots, not to mention keeping their personal relationships from falling to pieces. Armed with friendship, humor and righteous indignation, they will finish this film or die trying!

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Chic: The Series - Pilot World Premier

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