The Twilight Singers, Margot & The Nuclear So And Sos

The Twilight Singers

From the ashes of the Afghan Whigs rose the Twilight Singers, helmed by legendary frontman and Whigs founder, Greg Dulli.

Renowned for their untouchable live act, the band toured the world in 2003-4 and 2006-7, playing to packed houses.

The Twilight Singers will release their fifth record, entitled "Dynamite Steps" on February 15, 2011 thru Sub Pop.

Their world tour will commence in March.

Margot & The Nuclear So And Sos

When the time came to record the follow-up to their debut album The Dust of Retreat at the end of 2007, the eight members of Indianapolis’ art-pop collective Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s traveled to Chicago to camp out in the studio of their new producer Brian Deck. There, during one of the coldest winters the Windy City had experienced in decades, the group worked in shifts, with band members recording their parts in shifts around the clock. This went on for three straight months.

“People didn’t really leave the studio,” recalls Margot’s frontman and songwriter Richard Edwards. “It was freezing.” “But we had little mats on the floor, so you could sleep anywhere,” guitarist Andy Fry adds brightly. “If you got drunk enough, eventually you’d pass out somewhere.”

For the band, the result of their labors is Animal! — a genre-defying blend of lilting melodies, grinding guitars, sweeping strings, and frenetic percussive elements, topped off by Edwards’ expressive, yet often apprehensive croon. The songs, initially written by Edwards, swell into noisy mini pop-operas once filtered through Margot’s collectively skewed sensibility. “With eight people, there’s a lot of possibility for noise-making,” Fry observes.

Spent, but elated after their three months in Chicago with Deck, Margot gave Animal! to its label, Epic Records, which had fallen in love with the bohemian indie group and signed them in October 2007 — a few years after their previous label, Artemis Records, shut down. Epic loved Animal!, but felt that it was missing several key songs that the band had been performing over the years, including the fan favorite “Broadripple is Burning.” Firm in their vision, Edwards and Fry were unwilling to alter the track-listing. A compromise was reached. Epic would release two albums: Animal!, featuring the band’s original song sequence, would come out on vinyl (with a digital download card inside), while Not Animal, a compilation of the label’s favorites plus five tracks from Animal!, would be made available digitally and on CD.

“It seemed like a great solution,” Edwards says. “I consider Not Animal more like a compilation of songs.” Adds Fry: “Animal! feels like the director’s cut. The cool thing about it is that Epic did leave us alone and let us make the record we wanted to make. It’s untouched as far as what we wanted to do.”

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